HOLLYWOOD—Ok, did someone knock me across the head with something because I cannot understand the logic that just unfolded on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” We went from Eric tossing Quinn out of her life to bringing her back in within 2-3 weeks of giving her the boot. Please make that make sense America because I cannot understand what the hell is going on, not one bit. There has to be more to this story, there has to be because Quinn and Carter looked like they were about to become a notable item and then this transpires?

Quinn is drawn to Carter, she cannot get him off her mind, and Eric is not that stupid to realize his wife is not over a guy she slept with. Something tells me Eric has to be testing Quinn, he has to in order to expose Carter and Quinn’s secret relationship which he senses might still be in play. That doesn’t’ bode well for Carter, and it was news that Brooke and Ridge were not pleased to here at all.

Why? Brooke thought she had finally ridded Eric of her nemesis Quinn, but nope and she was livid as was Ridge not understanding his father’s logic in bringing this woman who betrayed him so badly back into his life. This is a battle Ridge and Brooke will not win, but if anything, this is something Brooke will absolutely not let go. Complicating the matter is the fact that Eric revealed to Quinn that he suffers from Erectile Dysfunction. He can’t make love to her and oops that definitely will not satisfy Quinn’s desire to have her hubby make love to her.

This brings us to the secret that Jack Li was hoping never gets out: he is Finn’s biological father! Yeah, that is crazy. To adopt a child that you know is your biological child to prevent the truth of you cheating on your wife with Sheila from coming out. Yes, America, Jack was sleeping with Sheila which is how Finn came to be. Sheila has that knowledge as leverage which I thought would come into play at some point.

We know Finn’s mother now, but who is dear ole dad. Well, we have our answer, and for Jack that is not good because Sheila is a master manipulator and wants Jack to find a way to barter a meeting with her and Finn and her grandson Hayes. Steffy already forced Finn to promise to not have a relationship with Sheila, but he has been texting with her behind Steffy’s back and this push from Jack is NOT going to help his marriage to Steffy.

In addition, it is starting to feel like the writers are pushing for Finn to perhaps stray from Steffy and get closer to Paris. Do I understand that pairing? Not at all, because Paris knows she’s playing with fire and if she and Finn go get close that means she’s likely out of a job at Forrester Creations as a result. The last thing I want to see is Steffy’s heart get broken she turns to Liam yet again and then we’re back where we have been for the last decade of Steffy and Liam and a Hope love triangle that just bores us to death. Been there, done that and we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole again people.

Before the week culminated, Sheila got her wish to hold her grandson and see Finn again, but not before Steffy witnessed the shocking moment. You better believe Finn, Jack and Sheila all have some explaining to do people and Sheila Carter’s return is delivering fantastic drama for the soap at the moment.