HOLLYWOOD—I knew it was destined to transpire at some point in time on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” We have the return of the wicked, evil and treacherous Quinn Fuller who audiences first met when she first arrived on the scene. This is the woman who threatened Liam Spencer’s life more times than I can count, caused Hope to miscarry her child with Wyatt, slept with Liam and held him captive; I mean do I need to continue with the list of her crimes?

Recently, she exposed Brooke and Bill’s kiss, plotted to have Shauna secretly marry Ridge before the truth ultimately came out blowing her marriage to bits. However, that was not enough for this woman, she slept with the Forrester Creations COO in Carter, who she had a passionate affair with until Brooke exposed the truth getting a delicious revenge on her foe that was worth every single minute of drama.

One would think Quinn would focus on her relationship with Eric considering he decided to give her a second chance after the affair and even allowed her to sleep with Carter because he couldn’t perform in bed, until he could. What? Yes, it seems a past love, one that meant a ton to Eric; Donna Logan is the cure to his erectile dysfunction. As a viewer I’ve wanted Donna and Eric to reunite for such a long time. They are perfect together and if not for Pam, I think they would have stayed together people if not for Pam and her antics.

Quinn overheard what transpired with Eric when he was with Donna and she blew a gasket. I’m not sure why though? I mean if anything she should be counting her blessings that Eric forgave her after the ultimate betrayal. Nope, she flew into a tizzy, and threatened Donna who was riddle with fear. That ONLY made the situation worse because Brooke learned about it and you know when Brooke feels the people she cares about most are at risk, she will unleash holy hell to protect them.

That means Donna, Brooke and Katie are about to unite to possibly bring Quinn down once and for all. She has caused issues in all of their relationships people so it would be fitting to see it unfold to say the least. Talking about Katie, she has sparked a major flame with Carter. Yes, that Carter whose love life has been a whirlwind to say the least. First with Zoe, than with Quinn and it looks like Katie will be his latest romance partner. Do I see the sparks fully yet? Not quite, but I know where the writers are headed and we shall see where things go in due time.

So we’ve chatted about Quinn enough people, it’s time to focus our attention on some major narrative developments involving Steffy, Liam, Finn and Hope. Steffy and Liam have learned about Sheila and Deacon’s ‘romance’ and it is clear these two will become an item yet again in the near future. You know what, I am just done, this is something that baffles me with the writers recycling this tale over and over and over and over and over again between Liam and Steffy. IT IS TIRED and if the writers cannot see that I don’t know what to say.

Finn and Hope are continuing to commiserate about their predicaments with their parents and to be honest this is a pairing I would be ok with, far better than that possibility of Paris and Finn that I knew was not going to sail with viewers, which explains why the writers did at 360 right away. Sheila revealed to Deacon her latest plan to ensure they both get what they want: a relationship with their children. Sheila hasn’t shown her absolute crazy yet, but it looks like she is being pushed in that direction and that makes me a happy person because she has burst life back into this soap that I was concerned about for a moment.

Oh, there is also a recycling of the ‘Thomas might be obsessed with a woman who is already in a committed relationship with someone else.’ This time it’s not Hope, it is his cousin Zende’s girlfriend, Paris. To say Thomas isn’t infatuated with Paris would be an understatement. He wants her and it is all about timing at this point. In some welcome news not expected, the character of Taylor Hayes is returning to “B&B,” but Hunter Tylo won’t be resuming the role it will be actress Krista Allen. Not sure how I feel about that, we’ll have to wait and see her presence on the screen.

However, if Taylor is finally returning to the canvas after all the DRAMA that her children have endured in recent years where she was nowhere to be found that has to say something major America and I think that means we have some exciting story ideas coming our way.