BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, August 15, there was a rally in Beverly Hills in support of President Donald Trump for the upcoming re-election period.

At around 3 p.m., a group of around 50 protestors crowded in front of the Beverly Hills sign, located between the Beverly Drive and the Canon Drive, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department Advisory. Protesters started walking from West Hollywood as a starting point, marching all the way to Beverly Hills carrying signs that read: “Trump 2020,” “United We Stand” and “Make America Great Again.”

The Beverly Hills Police Department (credits to Facebook)

About an hour into the protest, new demonstrators who were in support of the Black Lives Matter movement entered the area. Public video footage showed one of the BLM demonstrators getting confronted by a group of Trump protesters. A man can be observed signaling the BLM protester to leave although it is not clear what he said.

At approximately 4:44 p.m. there were around 100 protesters walking on the sidewalks of the Beverly Gardens Park from the west and south direction towards the business triangle. The BHPD reported that the traffic may be affected by the protest at this time. The police informed that the protest concluded at around 7:19 p.m.

The march was organized by the #WalkAwayFoundation created in 2018, which urges liberals to “walk away” from the Democratic party. Some celebrities have joined the protest, such as the singer Joy Villa, the conservative activists Ricky Rebel and Mike Harlow, as well as the actors Lorenzo Lamas and Scott Baio, who gave a speech at some point during the protest.