HOLLYWOOD—This is always a difficult subject matter to tackle in movies and TV, but the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” is tackling another rape storyline, this time involving Tripp and Allie. I was stunned when this turn of events came about on the soap. I thought it was just going to be revealed that Tripp was the baby daddy and that would be the end of the discussion. Not so America, not so at all. Why? There was always something troubling Allie about her bundle of joy and now we know why: rape.

Allie got hammered one night while out in London. She was so drunk she didn’t recall what transpired, but remembers that she had sex, but she did not consent to it. Flashes of her recalling tidbits of the event have come and gone, but she has not completely recalled what transpired, but she is certain Tripp was the perpetrator. With that said, Allie shared her tale with Nicole who convinced her to talk to the police, and Lani took her statement.

Tripp soon learned that he was being accused of rape by Allie, and it has caused division in the family between Steve and Kayla. Steve believes his son has done nothing wrong, while Kayla, a victim of rape via Jack, Steve’s brother, thinks it is possible Tripp was culpable considering his past. This situation is beyond dicey and with that said, I like that the writers are carefully weaving this tale together and not making a quick run to judgement. Claire knows what happened courtesy of Allie which has made her livid, but Claire has her eyes on a new guy in town, Charlie. Charlie is an intern at Titan, and I know inquiring minds have to ask, why has he suddenly shown up in town?

It is a question you have to ask, especially when you have Tripp adamantly denying raping Allie, so much to the point he argued, a kiss happened, but Allie was so drunk that he took her home and made sure she got into her bed, left a note by her bedside with his name and phone number. I mean it might be predictable that Charlie is the culprit, but if Tripp did not rape Allie, who else could be responsible America? Who? I’m just pointing out the obvious unfortunately because I can’t see anyone else in town responsible for the matter.

The other huge tale taking place in Salem is the battle between Kristen DiMera and District Attorney Melinda Trask. Melinda wants to nail Kristen for the murder of her daughter Haley Chen, while Kristen is starting to realize the walls might indeed be closing in on her. I mean Kristen has literally gotten away with murder and so many other devious deeds so it’s time to pay the piper whenever it seems fit America. Brady is worried, and suddenly everyone in town is acting like Melinda is some villain for wanting to seek justice. Kristen has done lots of bad things and NOT once has she paid for them.

You cannot just get a get out of jail free card, after claiming to be reformed after having a child. Life does not work that way America, sorry, not sorry. With that said Eli has been placed in the dicey situation courtesy of Lani decided to help her bestie and its biting both of them big time. Lani was an accomplice who helped Kristen escape and video from the police station proves that. Eli knows he and Lani are in major trouble, and he got a taped confession of Kristen admitting to the crime of stabbing Nikolas. Eli has that tape and is being puppet-mastered by Melinda to get what she wants and he gave Trask what she wanted, just as Kristen confessed to attempting to murder Victor, which left everyone reeling. Eli confessed to Abe what was transpiring, but your daughter committed a crime by helping Kristen and now it’s blown up in her face.

I would be lying if I told you I cannot wait for Kristen to get her comeuppance, but something tells me that will never transpire on “DOOL.” In other madness, Vincent continues toying with Ben and Hope about Ciara’s fate. He has claimed that she is dead, but as a viewer, we have yet to see a body, so that means, no body, no proof. Gwen is still playing house with Chad and Abigail, as her agenda (which is still unknown) goes unrecognized. I’m still surprised that no one beyond Jake and Gabi realize that Gwen is trouble. What does that mean? It makes me suspect that Gabi, whenever she returns to town, will be the one to expose Gwen, and probably rescue Chad and Abigail (her mortal enemies in the process).

One other birdie worth noting is trying to figure out who Phillip is working with behind the scenes to do whatever dirty business he has planned at Titan. Victor fired Xander for his role with Jan getting Phillip arrested, but gave his nephew another shot. So I think we all what to know what exactly is Phillip up to and will the reveal of his secret partner leave us gasping or saying meh?