MALIBU— The old stairs at Point Dume are being disassembled and reconstructed during the month of July and it is expected to take approximately seven months to complete.

Reconstruction crews plan to rid the metal stairway which receives many visitors, and as a result, has become too steep and dangerous with missing steps that have been broken down by saltwater and sea air over time.

The construction has been in the process of starting and received the funds five years ago, however, there had been issues that delayed the commencement. For instance, the stairs were planned to be rebuilt in the same area, however, the current building status was too steep and would create the same previous problem. There have also been complaints by neighbors who were opposed to the increased crowdedness it would cause near the area.  In addition, the beachgoers continue to utilize the stairs regardless of the California State Parks request to stay away from the property. Within this time, the total cost of construction has increased from $2.7 million to $3.3 million.

“I’ve used those stairs all my life,” stated Brian Merrick, long time resident of Malibu. “State Parks did a poor job blocking them off. They’re still used to this day. They’re very dangerous. It’s easily accessible. They put a couple of wires across the entry that people just walk around. There’s no real restriction. The actual trail has a fence. You just take one step to the side and you’re back on the stairs.”

California State Parks Angeles District Supervisor Craig Sap stated that part of the project includes rerouting the trails as well with new revegetation. The new stairs are not set to have access to those with disabilities, however, the work at the bluff-top will permit wheelchair access with a beach view.

Specifically, the Cereopsis Loop Trail and Westward Beach and Cereopsis Connector will be closed during part of the dates amid the rebuilding process. The overall project construction is expected to conclude by February of 2021.