MIAMI, FL—On Tuesday, December 27, Joseph, “Jo Mersa” Marley, musician, and grandson of Bob Marley died at the age of 31. His agent confirmed his death to Rolling Stones magazine. The reggae star, according to WZPP radio, Joseph was found in his vehicle in Miami-Dade county, Florida. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Kabaka Pyramid

Like his grandfather Bob, and his father Stephen, Jo Mersa  was a Jamaican Reggae artist. His recent single was “Hurting Inside.” The albums (EPs) “Kabaka Pyramid,” and “Eternal,” were both released in 2021. His first album (EP) “Comfortable” was released in 2014.

According to reports, Joseph Marley lived in Jamaica, attending Saint Peter and Paul Preparatory School. He moved to Florida as a teenager and graduated from Palmetto High School. The young Marley studied studio engineering at Miami Dade College.

Jo Mersa’s grandfather, Bob, was an accomplished Jamaican-born reggae singer who is remembered as one of the pioneers of the genre. Bob Marley died in 1981 at the age of 36 from Melanoma cancer that spread to his vital organs. Prior to his death, Bob survived an assassination attempt that was suspected to be politically motivated. Bob became known as, “Rastafari,” as his young grandson, Joseph became known as “Jo Mersa.”