HOLLYWOOD─Love seems to be the big issue front-and center on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” lately. I mean the soap has to have something because lately not much intense drama is taking place at all. We last spoke about Nick and Chelsea’s split, and how that would impact Adam Newman. Well, America, we have our answer: Chelsea and Adam are back together. Things seem blissful for now, but I expect that to be short-lived, because Adam will be Adam people.

Let’s chat about the relationships that are on the verge of shattering. Up first: Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman. Billy is grappling with an alter ego and because of that he has not been acting like himself lately. He has been getting much closer to Amanda Sinclair, who is talking more and more about her past. Billy decided to confess the truth about his shenanigans with Victoria who was livid to learn that Billy has been keeping secrets from her yet again. It seems just when you think these two have overcome the worst, they are delivered another setback.

Then we have to talk about the four-triangle (yes, I coined that term), involving Kyle, Lola, Theo and Summer that has been ongoing for several months now. Summer and Theo were just having fun, while Kyle and Lola tied the knot. Ever since the truth about Kyle and Theo being cousins came to life, the rivalry between friends now blood intensified. Kyle cannot stand the presence of Theo, and he has been getting closer and closer to Lola lately as they bond over food and just personal chatter.

Well, this week, Kyle decked his cousin, and shared a smooch with Summer of all people. Do I think Kyle wants Summer? Not really, but Kyle has an edge about him where he wants to stay on the right path, but temptation is something he finds very difficult to resist. Lola will not be pleased to learn her husband has proven her worst fear by cheating on her. Summer seems to think she can have the man who really doesn’t want her now that she’s getting advice from Phyllis of all people.

Phyllis is still pinning after Chance, who has eyes for Abby, but the audience is getting much closer to that Chance and Adam mystery. We know Adam has been sending a mystery woman checks each month, and this week we learned this female has gone off the radar. Chance is concerned, Adam not so much, so this really has intrigued my interest as to who this mystery party is. Fingers crossed for more information as we near February Sweeps.

In a narrative that is something worth watching is the breast cancer battle that Sharon is battling. Sharon Case is delivering right now as an actress, as she battles for her life. With that said, Mariah, Faith, Rey and Nick (yes, Nick is back in her orbit) to rally around her during the battle of a lifetime. Sharon is emotional, fearful and just a burst of emotions.

She is slightly icing out Rey, which is making me wonder if writers are headed in the direction of a Nick and Sharon reunion. I mean these two belong together, but with Phyllis still pinning for Nick, who knows what will happen. I am glad to see the writer’s take this rout, its providing a bit of much need heart and seriousness to the drama that has been lacking lately.