HOLLYWOOD—If you thought love was in the air on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” you would be wrong. It seems more relationships are on the cusps of shattering into a trillion pieces. Let’s start with Summer and Kyle because this one I can’t wrap my mind around. Summer basically blackmailed Kyle into marriage by donating her organ to Lola.

Kyle abided, but has been fighting like hell to resist temptation. Lola still drawn to Kyle invited him to her room where the two almost consummated their relationship, but guilt ate away at Kyle. Summer knows Kyle doesn’t love her. He cares about her, but his heart is with Lola. Phyllis sees it, Nick sees it, everyone sees it, but Summer. The girl is in major denial and the more she tries to keep Kyle and Lola apart, the stronger they become.

Let’s talk about another relationship involving the Rosales family, this time the love quadrangle involving Abby, Arturo, Rey and Mia. Mia slept with Arturo while married to Rey, who has moved on with Sharon. Mia has no idea who the baby of her father is, and that causes more fireworks between Abby and Arturo. Arturo was in the dog house with Abby; I didn’t even think the guy was coming back to town after Abby took a hammer to his truck.

However, him coming to her rescue as she opened her new restaurant started to reignite a possible reconciliation. That was short-lived when Abby learned that Arturo could be the father of Mia child. Yeah, Rey was not pleased to see Mia poking at him. It got so bad he warned her to keep away or he’d turn her into the police for the attack on Lola. Yeah, I think Rey has major leverage on his ex, and she might not want to cause any issues.

The other major news in Genoa City was the death of Neil Winters. Yes, the soap is finally addressing the passing of actor Kristoff St. John who passed away in February 2019. Devon and Lily were hit especially hard by the passing of Neil, which led to the return of many favorites including Malcolm, Drucilla and other faves from the soap returning to town to pay tribute to the character. It was a string of very emotional episodes, watching the iconic character who has been on the soap for close to 30 years receive a phenomenal tribute.

Very emotional scenes to watch and wonderful acting from all involved. This brings us to the fracture of the love affair between Lily and Cane. She cheated, he forgave her, he cheated, she forgave him. He cheated again, she was done. Cane is fighting for his marriage, but it looks like the nail has already been placed in the coffin and there is no coming back at this point.

There is one relationship that is indeed blooming, that involving Billy and Victoria. I’ve ALWAYS thought these two belonged together and to see them getting back to that happy place makes me very happy. I think Billy was moving too fast popping the question to his former love who wasn’t ready to accept, and Phyllis interrupting things does not help one bit. I think these two will find their way back to one another, and it looks like Victor’s secret mission will be the reason.

I think I already know where this tale is headed considering we got news that the soap has recast the role of Adam Newman. I sense Victor has been secretly meeting Adam and getting the son that everyone thought was long gone, ready for a return to the soap in a major way, and with May sweeps right around the corner this couldn’t be a better time to reintroduce Adam Newman to the mix.