CALIFORNIA—California Congresswoman Katie Porter of California sent out texts insulting Irvine police officers on July 12, during a Town Hall meeting at Mike Ward Community Park in Irvine where her boyfriend was arrested. Protestors arrived and Porter’s boyfriend, Houston Keene was arrested and given a citation for punching one of the protesters to the ground, resulting in a bloody nose.

On September 25, Fox News Digital released the following text from Porter to Mayor Farrah Khan as a result of the Town Hall incident.

“Your Police Department is a disgrace. I will never trust them again.”

Nick Taurus, a conservative who stated his plans to run against Porter in November’s General Election stated on his campaign website:

“Her America last policies are awful for the [California’s] 45th District, we intend to voice our displeasure. Confront Katie Porter.”

Porter referred to the protestors as, “Trump supporters,” and “extremists.” According to reports, Taurus showed up at the Town Hall with other protesters with some taunting her during her speech, shouting her name, “Katie, Katie, Katie,” and calling her other names.

Porter’s Spokesperson Jordan Wong told Fox News Digital the congresswoman “was upset that a planned family-friendly town hall was hijacked by extremists, who made constituents feel unsafe, including using hateful slurs in front of children.”