HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Residents voiced their concerns about Hollywood Celebrity Tours that have been disrupting their neighborhoods on Friday, April 19 during a neighborhood council meeting with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Thousands of residents have complained about the tours in the past, citing issues of safety restriction, loud speakers being used during the day and night, halting traffic in the middle of intersections to view celebrity homes and digging in trash bins of celebrities.

“We’ve had animals hit. We’ve had kids almost hit. We had one kid who was crossing the street and his backpack literally got swiped,” a resident explained during the meeting. Some of the tours have allowed patrons to smoke in non-smoking areas.

Tour bus drivers are looking to work with residents on restrictions to ensure that Hollywood tours continue in the region.

Star Track Tours owner Jeff Napshin, stated during the neighborhood council meeting, “I think there’s a chance more lives could be in danger if you take us off the road, and people go up on their own.”

Councilman David Ryu told the press that he’s been seeking solutions for the concerns of residents since 2018.

“While I am a little dismayed that it took this long, I’m hoping that it comes to us within the next month or two,” said Ryu.

If new regulations are passed, it will give officials with the Los Angeles Police Department the authority to cite tour bus drivers and issue penalties to violators.