SANTA MONICA—Restaurants in the Santa Monica area have been experiencing what some owners called “annual vandalism” that transpires during the holiday season, as first reported by the Los Angeles Times. 

According to officials, property-related crimes have been increasing in the area.

Local restaurants still operating despite increase in crime.

One business owner told the Times that these types of crimes occur so often during the holiday season she deducts it from her operating budget every year.  

A local restaurant, Sunnin was victim to vandals in 2020. According to the Los Angeles Times, the locals pitched in to clean and repair the business. Sunnin had to close down permanently in July 2020 after struggling to pay $26,000 in monthly rent. The restaurant was also looted during the George Floyd protests. Sunnin is still operating in the Westwood area.  

It was reported that earlier in the year some businesses were subject to hate crime related vandalism.