UNITED STATES—Did you get a gift for Christmas that just wasn’t your cup of tea? Did you get something for the holiday that you really didn’t want? Well there is a reason plenty of retailers nowadays, especially during the holiday season ask if you want a gift receipt. Why? If you got something that you truly didn’t want you have the option to send it back. Now I will be honest for years I’m a believer that if you get a Christmas gift that is perhaps not your actual cup of tea you still keep it and be happy that you got a gift to begin with.

I just think it is bad taste to frown or make someone not feel great about a gift that they purchased you. I say you have to fake it until you make if at all possible. At least don’t have a sour puss face while you’re opening the gift in front of the person. Try to be happy, do your best to be excited about the gift. Why?

You could be in a position like many others who don’t receive anything at all. Do you truly want to be that person that makes someone feel bad because they got you something you don’t like? Of course not, and I wouldn’t want to ruin that person’s day with my bad energy or coming across as a bit ungrateful. However, if a person provides you with a gift receipt and you have the option to exchange the item you received because the size was wrong (too big or too small) you can easily return to the store and get the appropriate size or right color that suits you fully.

Be prepared to wait in line though with returns. Why? Every retailer has different guidelines for returns. You can’t wait forever to return that item. In some situations, you have a limited 30-day window, but around the holidays that window is extended, but the receipt is a must. Don’t head to a store without a receipt and think you’ll return your item without any issue. It also isn’t a bad idea to wait a few days after Christmas before you start doing any returns you have to make to cut down on having to wait in long lines.

It is no point in keeping an item that you absolutely have no plans to utilize, when you have a gift receipt that gives you an option to actually get something you want. It is a plus when the person giving you a gift provides you with that receipt. They gave it to you for a reason, so there is no reason to feel guilty. If you don’t have that gift receipt, it might be a bit harder returning or attempting to exchange the item. Be aware that all retailers have different return policies.

Read the fine print on the receipt before you hit that retailer to ensure you understand their return policy and how things work because with most gift receipts you can exchange for another item or get store credit. Most will not actually give you cash back, which so many people fail to realize and find themselves trying to argue and holding up the line at most businesses and establishments and it can frustrate plenty of consumers who want to be in and out.

If you are making a return in the midst of the holiday season, be patient, know the return policy and just remember even you did not get the gift that you wanted it is not the end of the world. Be gracious that you even received a gift to begin with.

Written By Zoe Mitchell