HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Revenge” took a turn for the worse, as frenemies Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson found themselves on the receiving end of Malcolm Black’s reign of terror. In ‘Abduction,’ the ladies found themselves prisoners of Black’s plan to bring David Clarke out of hiding. Any guesses as to what David’s enemy is after? Precisely, you already know.

The ladies were being held in a massive compound, like a warehouse. David was none too happy with Jack’s nobility. Jack asked his partner Ben for assistance, who began to divulge details that stunned Jack. Seems nobility is contagious in The Hamptons. David panicked when he received a video from Malcolm holding Victoria and Emily captive.

David, Ben and Jack planned their next move, just as Margaux refused to allow a lie to continue to filter. My mind was literally blown, with the actual arrival of Louise’s mother! Wow, what the hell, I thought this woman was dead, the writers really pulled one on the viewers. David’s ruse involving Kate, seemed to work to his advantage, but for how long?

Louise found herself at the mercy of her mother, who was determined to not allow her daughter to ruin her brother’s opportunity to become a politician.  Ben and Jack got the goods on security footage that could lead them to Malcolm’s hideaway. Victoria decided to throw Emily under the bus, in exchange for her freedom; perhaps she was being greedy or careless as usual.

Emily dropped a bombshell on Victoria about David planning to kill her. Nolan was not happy to hear from Louise that his mother had plans to cut her off, if she spoke a single word. I must say I love the relationship that has been built between these two new friends. Is Louise becoming Nolan’s new Emily? Jack found himself in a dire situation after arriving at his house, where a fight ensued, that resulted in some epic fight sequences.

At their special meeting place, Malcolm and David came face-to-face with one another, but Victoria was not the person he expected to see.  He shot David in the leg after realizing that Kate was dead. Jack noticed a clue from Emily on his assailant’s body, and he and Ben deciphered the location of where Emily was being held captive. Malcolm began his torture of David for killing his daughter, and placed him in a familiar situation, where he was forced to choose rather to kill Victoria or his own daughter.

Margaux met with a man, who she planned to use to take down Emily. Victoria got a bit of courage to save Emily and admitted to killing Kate, just as Malcolm begin to enact his vengeance. Jack and Ben arrived to the party to handle Black’s goons. Emily initiated a brawl with Malcolm that resulted in her almost being pushed into a fire pit alive. Jeez this was a tense fight, where David, Emily and Victoria worked as a team and FINALLY took out Malcolm Black. So who will be the big, bad guy the rest of the season?

David was a bit thrown by Victoria’s admission, but did Emily’s revelation change the dynamic of their relationship. She chose to bid adieu to a former flame and perhaps bury that hatchet for once and for all!  Louise stunned her mother with the news that she got married to Nolan, but mommie dearest got the last laugh with the revelation that Louise killed her father.

Looks like the sparks between Emily and Ben continued to fly, just as it appeared closure was in the air. Margaux planned her next move against Emily, just as Victoria did all in her power to diffuse her possible daughter-in-law from going down a dangerous path. So our new villain is Margaux? Hmm, I’m not sure how intrigued I am about that. Emily would never take down a pregnant woman would she? Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!