HOLLYWOOD—The audience knew really bad things would happen to Margaux if she continued her quest for vengeance against Emily Thorne, but we never expected this. In Sunday’s latest episode ‘Loss,’ the episode opened with a flashback of Emily recounting her childhood of having her father taken away from her. That moment mirrored real life with Emily taking care of Carl with David assisting.

David warned his daughter to be careful of the actions she takes as consequences could arise. Jack was none too pleased to learn he was being set-up, but was happy to see his mother representing him. I must say I am thrilled to see this woman back in town; she is always a breath of fresh air! Victoria and Margaux bonded during the sonogram visit.

Louise literally freaked out when Nolan told her good morning. He revealed that Jack had legal trouble, but before he left his abode he received a visit from Ben who wanted to speak to Louise about the death of her brother Lyman. So precisely what did Louise do to cover her tracks? Jack was cut a bit of slack in the courtroom, but Margaux gloated with the developments. Emily pissed with Margaux’s tactics, lashed out at her in the courtroom.

Victoria was none too pleased to learn that the memorial in Daniel’s honor had been revoked. Emily, Nolan, Jack and his mom discussed ways to refute the claims; they got evidence that Margaux’s henchman spiked Jack’s drink. Oh, Margaux, when will you learn that Emily plays for keeps? Our protagonist broke into the perpetrator’s abode and a battle ensued, where she got Jack’s blood sample, but the assailant got away.

Emily delivered Ben evidence asking him to ensure Jack’s blood sample is found in the lab. Finally, the vixen’s conscious started to come to light after realizing that Lyman was dead. Unfortunately, Emily had nothing to do with Lyman’s death, Louise did. Victoria broke into Emily’s house, which unnerved her in ways that she chooses not to entertain. Vicky was none too surprised to hear about Margaux’s vengeful ways.

Nolan received a visit from a social worker who seemed to be looking for anyway possible to nail Jack, but Nolan gave him a taste of his own medicine. Seemed the social worker was none too pleased to hear Nolan call him out on not being around when he was abandoned by his father at an early age. Jack received a blow in court when his mother was held in contempt. 

I feel like a new coupling is on the horizon between David and Stevie Grayson. The gang realized that the judge in Jack’s case is being bought by Margaux; it is indeed true that money buys everything. Margaux confessed to Victoria that she voted against her proposal to build the wing in Daniel’s honor. Nolan paid a visit to the judge which placed her in a tricky situation. Ben stopped her in her tracks, just as Emily gave her a call making it clear that she had no problem taking down a legal figure if she needed to.

Jack, Stevie, Emily and David all celebrated with the news that all charges against Jack were being dropped. David begged his daughter to not vow vengeance against Margaux as it’s an ongoing cycle that will not end well. Louise updated Nolan on her brother’s body being sent home. She revealed the truth to her hubby about what Lyman was doing; she informed him that her brother accidentally fell off the cliff.

Emily confronted Margaux about her actions, where she decided to propose a truce; she offered Margaux her true birth certificate of her identity, before she was struck by a taxicab. Uh-oh, Victoria will be none too happy when she learns about these developments, and she ripped into Emily at the hospital.

Nolan received a visit from Tony, the social worker, who wanted to apologize for his actions; I fear he could cause trouble for Louise and Nolan. Margaux broke the news to Victoria that she lost the baby, resulting in waterworks, the same applied for Emily who broke down in her father’s arms about the devastating events. Our newest vixen weaved a lie and told Victoria that Emily pushed her!

Next week looks to be good, as Emily finally reveals her true identity as Amanda Clarke! Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!