HOLLYWOOD—Remember season one of “Revenge” which was such a guilty pleasure? Well it looks like the series might be going back to the basics. The latest episode ‘Retaliation’ saw Emily, Victoria and Margaux all amplifying their quest for vengeance.

Victoria was peeved when she learned that Natalie was victorious in court, which resulted in her dismissing Lyman as her attorney. So much for that relationship! Natalie gloated, which fueled the fire for Victoria to bring down her new enemy.

Natalie decided to throw a festive Independence Day party for the Hamptons elite, and wanted David Clarke to be her date. He was a bit skeptical and he had reason to be. Emily was none to happy to see her father getting close to this stranger, just as Jack bonded with the man he knew as a child. Nolan and Louise basked in married life, but quarreled a bit about her brother moving into their abode.

Margaux proved she meant business when she found Ben’s ex-wife and made threats. This only worked against her as Ben used Nolan and Emily to assist him. Just when she thinks she is ahead, Margaux realizes she has to be four steps ahead of Emily Thorne. I mean come on, this woman is a mastermind. Victoria and Margaux conversed about their quest to take down their enemies, and The Queen Bee didn’t attempt to talk Margaux down.

It became apparent that Jack’s current job is affecting his time with his son, so Nolan intervened to help his BFF out to have more time with Carl without compromising other duties. Margaux was ready to publish the truth about Amanda Clarke, but was delivered a curveball, which resulted in Ben and Emily tackling down Wes Perkins. He was hell bent on teaching April (Ben’s ex) a lesson, little did he know Emily and Ben are not to be played with.

Victoria stopped by David’s place to warn him about Natalie, but he wasn’t open to her information (but sadly, I had to agree with Victoria for once). David later snooped in Natalie’s purse and found a watch from his past. A lady should never ask a guy to go into her purse, if they don’t want something to be found. Lyman continued to play Louise like a fiddle, as it was revealed he was secretly working for Margaux to get information on Nolan and Emily.

What Victoria predicted was revealed as Natalie tried to damage David’s reputation, but was in for a surprise when Victoria walked in noting that she recorded everything. Just like that, Victoria was about to get the inheritance that she rightfully deserved, and took down an enemy who had no idea who she was messing with.

In one of the nights shocking developments, Louise caught Lyman stealing Nolan’s information from his computer. The two quarreled outside and Lyman attacked Louise, which resulted in him accidentally falling off the cliff to his death! Yeah, that was a shocker. David and Victoria shared a close moment, but it was short-lived, wonder how Emily will feel if they get back together?

Jack found himself being pulled over by authorities on a faulty charge of driving under the influence courtesy of Marguax.  Louise was a mess when Nolan returned home.  She revealed her brother was in bed, but did not mention that he was dead! The episode wrapped with Ben and Emily discussing Margaux’s tactics, as they spotted Jack being arrested. It literally sent Emily’s blood boiling.

Next week sets the stage for an epic event that will forever change the lives of Margaux, Emily and Victoria, as it looks like Margaux learns that revenge comes at a price. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!