HOLLYWOOD—It might have been one of the most exciting fights I’ve witnessed in daytime TV in quite some time as seen by “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week. It involved Ridge Forrester and Deacon Sharpe coming to actual blows after Ridge learned that Deacon kissed his wife Brooke and that he slept in their bed. Ridge was disappointed in Brooke’s actions yet again, but it is like tic for tac with these two. I mean Ridge was secretly kissing Quinn, which Brooke forgave him, Brooke kissed and messed around with Bill Spencer, which Ridge forgave her. Ridge messed around with Shauna, which Brooke forgave him, and now it’s Deacon kissing a drunken Brooke.

Do you see where I am going with this? There is a cycle of toxicity with these two that as much as the fans may hate, Brooke and Ridge deserve one another. Ridge put a massive beating on Deacon, but Deacon got a few punches and bruises in as well. Brooke’s defense of Deacon did not help the status of her marriage. If anything, she should have just broken up the fight and made it clear that her husband didn’t need to be doing this. Nope she defended Deacon which only boiled Ridge’s blood even more.

Then it was a war of words between Brooke and Taylor, Hope and Steffy. Now, this was an opportunity for Krista Allen to showcase her acting chops and in my opinion it fell flat. There was something missing there where I was screaming at the TV scream: where is Hunter Tylo when you need her? Tylo and Katherine Kelly Lang just know how to bounce off each other and that intensity on the small screen whenever they had a catfight would just burst out on the screen and the viewers would feel it. I didn’t feel that one bit.

Taylor threw all of Brooke’s misgivings in her face, and Brooke returned the favor. Hell, it made me remember Taylor is an alcoholic too America. Hello, did anyone forget this woman ran down Maci in her car while drunk. Yeah, that’s right people Taylor killed a woman. Last time I checked, Brooke had never murdered anyone. Hell, all of Taylor’s kids have murdered someone. Steffy murdered Ally and Thomas murdered Emma. I guess it runs in their blood people and that doesn’t seem like a good thing at all.

That brings me to the Steffy and Hope fight where Steffy was gloating about Ridge moving on from Brooke, while Hope was sure to make it clear Steffy’s apple doesn’t fall far from Brooke’s tree. Steffy shut-up pretty quickly when Hope pointed that out, but I wish she would have gone for the juggler by saying, “You slept with Bill while married to Liam and didn’t know who your baby’s father was. Then you slept with my husband while with Finn and didn’t know who your baby’s father was again. I really wouldn’t judge my mother, you’re no saint.”

If Hope had said that I would have been cheering at the screen because its proof that Hope is not always willing to turn the other cheek, but it allows Steffy to be knocked off her pedestal, because her and Thomas lately, truly need a coming to Jesus moment to realize they have far more skeletons in their closet where the last thing they should do is judge another person, ESPECIALLY Thomas Forrester people. Talk about crazy, whew, Thomas is Taylor’s son people. He decides to be all high and mighty in an attempt to prevent Brooke from talking to his father because like Steffy he wants to see his mother and father back together. What kid doesn’t want that? However, the reality is that some people just are NOT destined to be together, Taylor and Ridge is that couple.

Sheila is on cloud nine at Brooke’s misery, and she just doesn’t seem to realize she’s slipping in front of Taylor who senses something is off. Don’t worry I’m NOT going to repeat what I pointed out in last week’s column about Sheila spilling the truth to Taylor and using that as an in to see her grandchild and Finn before it all culminates with the truth exploding and utter hell breaking loose between the Forrester and Logan’s people.

It is going to get nasty and I cannot wait until it actually takes place people, it will be something worth watching.