HOLLYWOOD—Ugh, I was seriously hoping the writers would not travel down this path on “General Hospital,” but here we are. Yup, Carly walked in on Nina and Sonny in bed at the Haunted Star last week on “GH” and I was in utter disbelief. This Nina, Carly and Sonny love triangle is not interesting; the chemistry between Sonny and Carly is not clicking people this story should have died as soon as the truth about Sonny being alive came out people.

Hell, now Nina just KEEPS showing up wherever Sonny is and on top of that, we have to deal with the fact that it feels forced. Nothing feels natural about this relationship. If you want to see chemistry look no further than the pairing of Sally Spectra and Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless” people. Sonny is drinking himself away, Carly has found a divorce lawyer, and Nina seems to think she might have a future with Sonny. I swear, and I swear if Nina gets pregnant with Sonny’s child I’m just done, done.

I do like the notion that the writers are playing with the idea of Drew and Carly becoming an item, but something tells me just as they get close, we will see Jason return from the dead and that will be a whole new storyline to investigate. With that said the take down Peter August mission is reaching a feverish pitch. He kidnapped Bailey aka Louise, while Chase and Brook Lynn were exploring their feelings, and Maxie was forced to spill the tea, so Anna, Robert, Felicia, Sam, Dante, Laura, Ned and the rest of Port Charles is NOW aware that Bailey is Peter and Maxie’s child.

While on the run, Peter came face-to-face with Maxie, and a choice was made, she went on the run with Peter to protect her daughter that she left at a firehouse for her own safety. Smart idea Maxie, very smart because Louise has been found and is back in the clutches of Brook Lynn and Chase who are keeping the child safe, as everyone is searching for Maxie and Peter. All signs seem to point to Maxie being the person to take out Peter, but I have a feeling all is not as it seems as Austin is determined to find the woman who he has fallen for, not to mention Liesl who warms up to Victor, who cannot resist her charm to help locate Maxie, take down Peter and end his reign of terror. Like I said, months ago, a murder mystery is about to kickoff where Peter August will die, and the audience will be left attempting to figure out who pulled the trigger or who committed the deed people.

With that said, the stars are beginning to align that Esme might actually be Ryan Chamberlain’s daughter, but if that’s the case can the writers just say it already? It would totally align with all her wicked behavior, drugging Trina, setting Ava’s car ablaze, recording Cameron and Josslyn having sex, and it’s only going to get worse. Why? Esme knows Trina has a hold on Spencer’s heart and they almost shared a kiss and the jealous side is really rearing its ugly head people. I wonder if Esme is willing to resort to murder to get her way. She was NOT happy that Kevin cut off her visits to his brother and Spencer also wanted to know what Esme was up to. Something is telling me that if Ryan was her father, wouldn’t Kevin have an idea people?

Liz is dealing with something, and while the writers might push the idea that someone is messing with Liz’s items and torturing her mentally, I having a feeling that Liz might be suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Liz is attempting to move on with Finn, but her mind is NOT ready just yet people. This could be interesting, if it leads to Liz actually spiraling and the people around her having no clue as to what is actually happening people.

In other, PC news Ava is on cloud nine with Nikolas that Carly and Sonny are crumbling, but if she thinks she’s getting Avery, Sonny ain’t allowing that to transpire especially considering she is the cause of Morgan’s demise. I really wish Morgan Corinthos would come back to torture Ava, she deserves it after everything she has done people. Sam seems all in on Dante, Valentin did play hero rescuing Charlotte from Peter’s clutches, but I’m not sure that is enough to give him an award because he’s the reason Peter escaped and Mac was shot.

So if anything, Valentin is still up to no good, now that his weather machine has made Port Charles exceptionally warm in the middle of winter people. Hmm, sometimes recycling past storylines is NOT always the smartest thing people. Sometimes new is better than old people. Oh, and for those of you NOT in the know, Harmony is not Willow’s mother, cue the mystery, but I think the audience already knows Willow’s mom, its likely Nina! They should have DONE this the first time around America.