HOLLYWOOD—A young star ascends in Tinseltown. Handsome actor Kristos Andrews was born and raised in Los Angeles. However, that’s not why he has become one of the industry’s brightest stars. His unending skills as an actor are honed on the Web series “The Bay,” and he’s already captured the attention of many Hollywood producers and casting directors. This week I caught up with the handsome youthful leading man, who is about to take Hollywood by storm. After making himself known worldwide for something other than acting, he’s now placed his bets on the fact that he’s going to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Not only is acting in his already distinguished resume, but producing and directing are also on his list of accomplishments. The generation X superstar is on the rise. The busy young fellow was polite and willing to take time to discuss his youth and long list of accomplishments which would be the envy of a man three times his age.

Q-Kristos, you are so young and yet you have a Guinness Book World Record. What is it for?

A-“Well, it’s for skateboarding which I’ve done since I was a kid. Guinness was at the X Games a few summers ago and after competing I gave it a shot. I got two records. One was for the ”˜most consecutive kick flips in under a minute’ and the other is for ”˜longest stationary nose manual.’ Skateboarding has been a passion of mine for a long time and it’s helped my expanse into acting. I’ve met some great people in entertainment because of my skateboarding.”

Q-You star on “The Bay” and also you are a producer on that series. What made you decide to go into producing?

A-“To put it simply I just wanted to know exactly how to put a project together. I was curious to know the ins and outs of producing a show and how it works. After proving myself worthy to ”˜The Bay’s’ helm, Gregori Martin, he brought me on as a producer. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity.”

Q-On the show you play Peter Garrett. Love the character’s last name by the way. Do you enjoy working with Jade Harlow?

A-“Thanks Tommy! Yes I do! Aside from her clear physical beauty, I also enjoy her company. She’s a cool girl to hang with and definitely fun to work with. Very professional.”

Q-Have you any new projects coming up, whether producing or acting?

A-“Yeah. Currently I’m working on a film in New York, luckily enough as the lead. It’s a film called ”˜The Southside’ and is being directed by Gregori J. Martin. It’s a bio picture, the true story about Robert Areizaga, Jr., a 19 year old who was murdered by a gang at a Halloween party last year. I’ve been living in New York preparing for the character. It’s been quite a journey. ”˜’m also working with LANY Films on a few other projects which are too early in the stages of production to mention right now.”

Q-I’m blown away by the fact that someone so young also wants to direct as well. What do you enjoy most, acting, directing or producing?

A-“Well, I actually haven’t had the chance to direct yet. I hope to one day direct but right now I’m focusing mainly on my acting and some producing. I would have to say acting is probably what I enjoy most. Right now it’s all so new to me and I’m really enjoying the experience. Exploring the craft has been a lot of fun.”

Q-Will you be involved in the second season of “The Bay”?

A-“That’s the plan and I’m definitely looking forward to it. You can also catch me in a prequel of season two, that’s planned to be released some time this summer.”

Andrews is no stranger to fame, thanks to his award-worthy acting performance in “The Bay.” He’s always modest and generous in his praise for his costars and the show’s producer. However, this young man is destined for all the big things Hollywood has to offer.
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