BEVERLY HILLS—The General Municipal Election will take place in Beverly Hills on March 8.  Voters will be selecting two city council members.  There are presently three candidates on the ballot.

Candidates currently nominated for election to city council are as follows: Lili Bosse, Julian Gold, M.D. and Nancy H. Krasne.

Lili Bosse bills herself as a Democrat and has spent years in the service of Beverly Hills residents in various capacities.  From 2007 to the present, Bosse has served on the Beverly Hills Planning Commission advancing changes to the General Plan that allegedly helped preserve the aesthetic qualities of Beverly Hills neighborhoods by preventing increases in heights and density limits.  According to her campaign website, Bosse favors local government transparency, budget accountability, enhanced public safety and general improvements to the school system.  Bosse advocates new spending on medical emergency services, while stressing “spending taxpayer money responsibly and living within our means.”

Julian Gold, M.D., has a reputable history in hospital administration, having served on the Board of Directors for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center and was co-chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology, also at Cedar-Sinai. In the political sphere, Gold served as commissioner for the Recreation and Parks Commission, and Chairman of the Traffic and Parking Commission.  According to Gold’s website, Gold emphasizes residential “quality of life,” opposing unpopular proposals like tunneling under Beverly Hills public schools.  Gold also advocates economic sustainability, calling on the city council to “maximize revenues and prioritize expenditures.”

Nancy H. Krasne is the more left-leaning of the three candidates, focusing on stopping developers and halting high-rise building construction on main street.  On her website, Krasne reminds voters about her work as mayor in crafting the general plan that has served as an obstacle to excessive development, using the unoccupied William-Morris building as an example of projects that can be avoided via the general plan.  Krasne requests that voters allow her to finish what she started.  Like Bosse and Gold, Krasne advocates financial accountability.

To verify your voter registration status or for information on where you go to vote, log on to the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder’s website at You may also contact them by phone at 562-466-1323 or 800-815-2666.