HOLLYWOOD—Who can you trust? That is the question that is to be asked on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Ava Jerome vs. Nikolas Cassadine vs. Sonny Corinthos is one of the major battles right now. Someone stabbed Ava with a hook at the Quartermaine picnic. Who could be the culprit? I knew it was not Nikolas or Spencer, even though the kid was drunk after discovering that his father slept with his girlfriend. Victor Cassadine, I suspected, but that seems too easy. If another attack takes place and dependent on WHO is attacked I will be able to determine who could be culpable people. Well that transpired this week and who was attacked and who was the potential target says a lot. More on that later.

With that said, my theory was Esme Prince, but the more I think about it, I wonder if it’s possible Ryan Chamberlain is the culprit. How would he escape Spring Ridge and return is another question, but if not Ryan, the soap is pushing the notion it may have been Elizabeth in a memory gap. Does that seem too easy? Yeah, but it is apparent Nikolas is trying to protect his former flame and I just think this falls flat. Sonny seems to think it could be Esme because he knows Nikolas and Ava are keeping a secret.

Finn and Elizabeth are continuing to dance around their relationship and her blocked memories from her childhood that is slowly, but surely coming out little by little. I’m annoyed that this tale is dragging and it’s time to be exposed. Brook Lynn and Chase are no officially in a relationship and about damn time. However this Linq revenge plot is dud and needs to be thrown away people.

Cody is still playing with fire and learned if there is one person NOT to play with its Sonny, who warned Dante’s pal not to get his son in any trouble. Yeah, Cody, be careful be very careful. Cody and Britt are still bonding as it has become apparent that Mac might be Cody’s dad, and Felicia and Maxie are trying to get him to have a DNA test to confirm it. Cody just doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble, as he has decided to align with Selina Wu of all people who is really pulling the strings against Curtis’ wishes. Once you have a dance with the Devil Curtis, that grip will never let go.

Sam and Dante moved in together, but this is just one relationship as a viewer I am NOT buying. The chemistry feels forced and it just doesn’t work for me people, no matter how hard the writers try. Carly had a scare in the air, but thankfully Drew was by her side to play hero. I love this potential romance because the chemistry and spark is there and it cannot be ignored. How Sonny responds is another question, but he moved on with Nina so Carly is allowed to do the same.

Willow is still keeping her leukemia diagnosis from Michael, as she bonds more with TJ. Hmm, I didn’t think a possible romance was brewing here, but now it seems the writers might be heading in that direction and if it does it will blow up a ton of lives in the process not just Willow and TJ, but Michael, Molly, Nina and Carly as well when the truth about Nina and Willow being mother and daughter is exposed.

I have saved the best for last in my opinion, involving Trina and Spencer’s relationship. Spencer has been courted to Pentonville after exposing that he broke out of Spring Ridge during his stay. Trina after a conversation with Ava realized she indeed has a torch for this guy and rushed to confess the truth, but it was too late. I’m starting to think Rory has realized that Trina’s bond with Spencer is stronger than she ever expected people.

However, that is not the best part, its Stella’s confession that Jordan and Curtis are still married because their papers were never filed. Jordan was livid, Curtis not a happy man, but considering he is now engaged to be married to Portia, a bomb is about to be dropped. How so? Remember when Jordan, Portia and Curtis nearly died in that house in what feels like almost a year ago? Portia revealed something about Trina’s paternity that I wasn’t certain about, but now I am.

Taggert is NOT Trina’s father, Curtis is! And when this secret comes out it could be the thing that reunites Jordan and Curtis, but blows Trina’s world to pieces and she will have Spencer as an ear to listen when it comes out. I am really eager for this secret to come out because the ramifications are going to be huge. Now let’s talk about the person with the hook, because another attack happened this week, so it was not a one off incident. A killer is on the loose (hence the word I used there) because two people were targets, but one intervened at the wrong time. I think the Hooker as I will call this mysterious party, was going to attack Josslyn, but Brando’s sudden appearance caught him off guard and they had no choice, but to go after him.

Brando was fatally wounded in the attack, which is about to devastate Gladys and sending Sasha spiraling more now than ever before considering she was just about to sign legal documents granting Brando as her guardian. With him out the picture that changes it all. Could that be motive for Brando’s attack? I’m not 100 percent sure, but a murder mystery/serial killer is something we haven’t had on “General Hospital” in quite some time and putting the pieces together is becoming fun!