SHERMAN OAKS—On January 4, storms and torrential rains referred to as a “Bomb Cyclone,” struck the SOHO LA dance studio on Ventura Boulevard. There were dance classes taking place when the storm hit, causing the roof to collapse. Video captured students scrambling to safety.

Rick Santiago, the owner of SOHO LA was inside when the storm hit. “Luckily, thank God, no one was hurt. The humidity expanded that part of the ceiling and then it just popped and then came down. Thank God the other fixtures didn’t fall down as well. Nothing like this has ever happened. So, it’s kind of challenging, but we’re glad everyone is okay.”

A SOHO employee, Shey Lara told KTLA, “I happened to be in the office, and I heard the sound and a crash. I ran out and just saw everyone stunned. I saw a bunch of dust and smoke. I heard a crackle and a crash, almost like when thunder strikes, right at the beginning. That’s what it sounded like to me.”

The Sherman Oaks location will remain closed for the next few weeks until all of the repairs are completed by contractors.