CARSON—As much as I love writing on the Dodgers, Lakers and the Rams, of course, I want to expand and cover sports which are famous around the Globe, while growing in the United States from a niche to the mainstream.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the totally refreshed Ultimate Rugby Festival is hitting the LAX, Dignity Health Sports Park from Friday March 1 to March 3 and it’s going to be EPIC!

It’s rugby sevens’ biggest party, and you’re invited. Spend a weekend you’ll never forget at Dignity Health Sports Park for three action-packed days of sport, music, food and immersive experiences.

Bringing together the 12 finest men’s and women’s rugby sevens teams from across the globe to compete in a world-class competition of unparalleled excitement and jaw-dropping moments.

HSBC SVNS is the ultimate get-together. It’s a vibrant, fun-filled place to express yourself and indulge in the good things in life, while hanging out with your best mates.

Everything about HSBC SVNS gives you that feel-good factor, from sunrise to sunset with all new features.

These sports are swanky, a real laidback European vibe which is an excellent culture shock from the typical USC game at the Coliseum.

The experience is immersive, Beach Club Soak up the LAX vibes at our iconic beach club! Join the party from afternoon until the stars come out, with top DJs spinning dance floor classics and anthems. Sip on your favorite drinks, savor delicious bites, and bask in that famous LAX summer sun.

The atmosphere has been compared to Coachella, so its enjoyable for anyone who does not care for sports or balls.

Whether you’re in for the long haul or just a quick stop, our Beach Club has you covered. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

All HSBC SVNS events will showcase the 12 best men’s and women’s teams, climaxing in a Grand Final weekend held in Madrid, where the top eight teams will compete to be crowned Series champions. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – teams ranked ninth to 12th will fight it out against the top four teams from the Challenger Series in a nail-biting relegation play-off to see who secures their place in next year’s edition.

It’s the rugby you love, with so much more.

So come out this weekend for some Rugby, mate!