HOLLYWOOD—Last week had to be one of the best weeks of “General Hospital” all year if you’re asking me. I mean the narrative, the twists and turns just left me wanting more and more information about what was going to transpire next. I mean serial killer Ryan Chamberlain made a triumphant return in a fashion that was never expected from Nelle Benson beyond the grave. That letter went directly to Ryan about Julian role in the baby swap and how he kept his mouth shut.

Ryan is a creep and oozes evil in the worst way, Ava was livid when he requested her presence and that she would do what he wanted otherwise Julian’s life would be at risk. Ava was seething at Ryan’s request, which only irked him more when he discovered that Nikolas was now married to his former flame. Yeah, Ryan doesn’t like Ava being tied to anyone beyond him and the target is being placed on Nik’s back as Dr. Britch noted to her former lover. Britt is evil, but she has a heart for those who she cares about which is far and few in between.

This only creates more friction as Scott used those photos to blackmail Ava into getting funds to help Elizabeth and Franco who are in a pickle as a direct result of Cyrus and Britt. Yeah, Elizabeth really should stop touting herself as some angelic figure. The woman has committed some devious deeds in the past that have ultimately come to light with explosive results in most situations. Wow, that’s all I can say after discovering that Ned and Alexis slept together in a drunken stupor. What is the problem? It was a result of false pretenses. Ned was certain Olivia slept with Robert, but that is not the case.

Ned feels guilty, so does Alexis who is literally spiraling. I mean she is spiraling and the fact that she missed Mike’s memorial and she was secretly drinking is the major problem America. Sam knows something is off with her mom, and while she suspects it, she didn’t verbally blurt it out. Why? Um, we’re at the memorial for Mike Corbin. However, the mourning was crashed by Jordan, Cyrus and Gladys. The fireworks were explosive as Gladys was not happy that Sonny and company did not defend her son and accusations being levied against him. Carly was fed up, Jason was fed up and so was Sonny.

With that said, Brando’s plan to rattle Cyrus and create a public spat to get Cyrus to beg him to be part of his organization. It seems to be working as Cyrus took the bait and offered his listening ear to Gladys who seemed smitten. I wonder how Brando will react when he learns that Cyrus has extended a hand to his mother? Hmm, he’s not going to be happy to say the least. This brings us to perhaps the biggest news of the hour: the return of Dante Falconeri.

We all know that Dante is back in town on his latest mission by the WSB, courtesy of Liesl Obrecht to get the evidence against Peter August and to nail Anna Devane. Yeah, Peter deserves his comeuppance, which I am certain is coming, while Anna will not see this blindside headed her way, but she deserves it for destroying and hiding evidence linking her ‘son’ to Drew’s disappearance in relation to a host of other wicked things.

Dante returned to reunite with Sonny in his time of need, but also to surprise Lulu and the look on her face said it all. Why? She had just gotten done making love to Dustin and to say awkward would be an understatement America. I mean, Dante had rage in his eyes, Dustin looked uncomfortable and Lulu was just utterly speechless. Just when Lulu was moving on it looks like her heart will be torn yet again.

Back to Peter August, Maxie and Peter are engaged to be married and this looks like the thing that will lead to the exposure of Peter. Everyone is happy except Robert because he knows in his gut Peter is up to no good and so does Anna, who seems almost certain now more than ever that Alex (her twin) is Peter’s mother not her. Peter is on cloud nine now, but I suspect his and Maxie’s big wedding day will be explosive as the dirty truth will be exposed shaking Peter to the core and forcing Maxie to realize Peter is nothing like his brother Nathan. Come on November sweeps I can’t wait!