HOLLYWOOD—Craziness! That is the best word I can utilize to describe all the chaos that has transpired on the ABC soap “General Hospital” in the past week or so.  The audience is well aware that Paul Hornsby is the hospital killer, too bad Ava Jerome also knows this information, but has refused to divulge the details to anyone, which has resulted in two more attacks, one turning deadly.

Yep, for weeks the killer has been targeting minor characters on the soap, but this week Paul strangled Sabrina Santiago to death when she realized he was the assailant who attacked Monica Quartermaine with a syringe in her office.

Sabrina’s death was a shocker, and I must say it may have been something that was needed to fully kick this storyline into overdrive. Michael was on the cusp of proposing to Sabrina, and with the snap of a finger his world comes crashing down. Michael is known to lash out when he is grieving or angry, so audiences should expect plenty of backlash for those closest to him especially his mother, Carly. Jordan, Andre and Nathan seemed to pinpoint that the killer’s motives are personal, which might explain his constant attempts to take out Monica, too bad for Paul, she survived his attack. So what will Paul do now?

He is indeed a busy many who has been working around the clock to portray the role of district attorney, while also masquerading as a serial killer. I think we all know where this is headed. Paul Hornsby will be taken out in the coming weeks, likely around November sweeps when his little secret is discovered by someone else. What’s worse, this will place Ava in a world of mess. She aided a serial killer, she tampered with evidence for her brother Julian’s trial and she has messed around with Morgan’s bipolar medicine. Why is that a big one?

Well, news surfaced this week that Bryan Craig is vacating the role of Morgan Corinthos, which means the character is leaving the canvas (I don’t suspect that), which means we could see him die. Whoa, that will push Carly and Sonny over the rails, and if they discover his ‘accidental’ death is a result of Ava tampering with his medication, this could be the final draw for the black widow who is certain to meet her maker at the hands of Sonny or Carly; I’d so prefer to see Carly not only deliver a verbal beating to this woman, but to dispatch of her for once and for all.

I mean the villain and villainess in Paul and Ava is totally making “GH” a guilty pleasure right now and we’re only in the month of September, so I can only imagine what might be in store for November sweeps people. Maura West is so fantastic at portraying bad there is no wonder she is a multiple Daytime Emmy winner.

For a secret that so many expected to be dragged out, the writers wasted no time in spilling the bombshell that Elizabeth and Hayden are sisters. The person to drop the bomb was none other than Franco, which left Elizabeth and Hayden reeling, especially considering Hayden just saved Elizabeth’s life and in return she turned those diamonds into the police putting Hayden aka her sister in a bad spot.

I think fans of the soap have been eagerly awaiting the return of Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine, but another shocker came this week when it was revealed that Christopher WILL NOT be returning to the role that made him a household name. So precisely what are the writers planning to do with this character? That is one narrative I have no clue regarding, especially considering that Valentin Cassadine was brought into the mix.

Speaking of Julian, he gets to walk which has Jordan, Alexis and Sonny livid. So what does this mean? I think another murder mystery could be in play. I’m not certain who will die, but I can certainly bet you $100 bucks that Ava, Julian or Paul will be dead come November sweeps if not 2 of the 3. Who knows, the “GH” writers might want to go on a bloodbath of cuts similar to what the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” did to reinvigorate the soap to must-see guilty pleasure status. And with Anna Devane returning to the canvas it’s a given that she is likely to put the pieces together regarding what transpired with Julian’s trail and that Paul has been working overdrive as DA and killer.

“General Hospital” has certainly turned on a light switch that is generating so much buzz, I can’t see the buzz dying down anytime soon people!