HOLLYWOOD—The NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” is doing something that the remaining soaps on network television should take note of: stellar storytelling will hook audiences every time. With the soaps 50th anniversary set to arrive in November, the series has amped up some epic juicy storylines. The final week in August kicked off a murder mystery that has had fans buzzing for weeks.

Well after a month, two Salem residents have bid adieu: Serena and Paige, while fan favorite Marlena nearly became the Necktie Killer’s latest victim. Marlena’s death was imminent, but was interrupted by Chad DiMera who saved the psychiatrist who has been hypnotizing him in an effort to help him remember what transpired during his blackout moments.

Marlena’s attack was certainty the killer wanted to silence the doc from discovering precisely what Chad might have locked away in his memory. This week viewers were treated to a shocking revelation. The Necktie Killer is none other than BEN WESTON. I knew it! I called it a few weeks ago.

My top target was Ben Weston, but once I started to think about things, if the writers wanted to deliver a twist Ben was too much of a red herring, which had my suspicious turn to Eric and Brady.

Fingers were pointed at Chad DiMera to be the Salem Necktie Killer, but it's not him!
Fingers were pointed at Chad DiMera to be the Salem Necktie Killer, but it’s not him!

Most soaps would drag the revelation of a serial killer for 6 months to a year, but “Days of Our Lives” is serious about giving viewers what they want, and I must say the narrative is moving along in a way that doesn’t lose the viewers interest. Other rumblings in Salem include the arrival of Andre DiMera who has come home to assist Stefano who has had a health scare. Andre’s arrival in town will have plenty buzzing, especially considering that he died? I’m dying to see how the writers will explain this loophole to viewers.

With Marlena safely away from the killer’s clutches rumors are circulating that a third victim is certainly on the horizon and this character’s death will be a doozy to say the least having ripple effects on most of the residents in the town of Salem. Start making your guesses soap fans cause the next victim is going to hurt your hearts.

Ben’s jealous side emerged yet again, when he spotted Chad and Abigail in a close moment at the hospital. She made a promise not to see Chad to her fiancé, but she can’t resist the guy that she loves. That was a definitive clue which helped viewers pinpoint a possible motive. Eve dropped a bomb on Rafe when she told him that Paige was his half-sister. Yep, Rafe and Gabi’s lives are about to be more complicated with the return of their long lost father.

Now that the audience knows the face of the Necktie Killer, I’m certain plenty of additional surprises are in store for audiences as a major twist is expected to unfold on during November sweeps. So did you accurately guess who the killer was? Keep tuning in “Days of Our Lives” fans things are getting good!