SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica City Council approved a five-year plan and longer-term strategy on Tuesday, October 13, stating the city will add more protected bike lanes to enhance bike safety.

The new plan is based on the 2011 Bike Action Plan. Officials said the city of Santa Monica commits to creating multi-modal and carbon light living, reducing roadway fatalities through Vision Zero, spurring economic recovery by connecting people to commercial districts and facilitating quick trips and deliveries to local businesses.

“This is an exciting next step to creating a bike network that enables residents of all ages and abilities to move more safely outdoors while also helping us make progress on our long-term climate, safety, and mobility goals,” said Chief Mobility Officer Francie Stefan.

Stefan added, “Protected bike lanes are a proven way to entice biking for both recreation and everyday use and we’re excited to get to work on 19 miles of protected bike lanes in Santa Monica.”

According to the five-year plan, a total of 19 miles of protected bike lanes will be added, including 15 new lanes and 4 miles programmed for construction.

The city of Santa Monica announced that when protected bike lanes are implemented, there is a 45-90 percent reduction in traffic collisions; the separation between people bicycling or scooting and people driving creates a safer environment.

“Residents continue to enjoy new bike facilities as a way to get around town for short trips, and as a part of the quality of life in Santa Monica,” officials said. “In addition to fostering these benefits, this update will help the City continue to compete for state and federal transportation grants.”

For more information about the city’s plans and protected bike lanes, visit the website at