SANTA MONICA — Sunday’s looting in Santa Monica left the city’s business district damaged and vandalized. As a result, volunteers are gathering along Santa Monica on Monday to help the cleanup effort. This involves removing graffiti and cleaning city streets and sidewalks.

The city’s Twitter account stated,

“We expect lots of debris, and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s commitment and willingness to help. For your safety, please stay inside and wait until after 9 a.m. Monday, June 1 to begin clean up efforts to ensure that curfew orders are fully complete.”

They also stated that people helping clean up the damage at local businesses should bring their own face coverings, work gloves, brooms, dustpans and trash bags. It is important that volunteers stay 6 feet apart and work in small groups.

“We are here today to clean up as one community. Piece by piece we will repair. We will rebuild. We are strong. We are resilient. We will get through this,” Santa Monica Mayor Pro Tempore Terry O’Day said during a Monday morning news conference.

Anyone is welcome to help clean up. He added that public transportation will be available for anyone who wants to join the effort.

Santa Monica has also issued another curfew to ensure the safety of its community after the looting and destruction of businesses that occurred on Sunday. This curfew begins at 1:00 p.m. in the business district and 4 p.m. throughout the city.

The Santa Monica Police Department will enforce the 4 p.m. curfew order, including making necessary arrests.

On Sunday, SMPD made over 400 arrests, with charges including looting, curfew, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Santa Monica Police Chief stated, “To our community, your safety is our top priority. We are here; we are ready; we have the National Guard at our side, and they will be with us through this event. We’re monitoring intelligence activity at this moment to be prepared for whatever else might come our way.”