SANTA MONICA—Heavy winter snow storms in the Sierras and heavy rains continuously hit Northern California prompting the State of California and the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) to revisit drought restrictions throughout the state. The goal is to give local water agencies the ability to make adjustments. The city of Santa Monica will continue to enforce its current drought measures.

According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, 76 percent of water customers are using less than their water allowance each month and the city has given out more than 12,000 water saving products and rebates since 2015. The majority of households that have received penalties have opted for an in-person water use consultation. This allows them to have the first citation waived on account of attempting to reform.

Santa Monica has reached its mandated water conservation goal of 20 percent below the 2013 usage levels. However, because drought measures are still in effect for all of Southern California, Santa Monica is asking that its residents continue to inhibit responsible water use practices.

“The residents, businesses, and visitors are doing their part – from small measures to larger ones – to save water now and in the future, but the job is not over just yet,” Dean Kubani, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment, said in a statement. “We are on our way to achieving our water conservation goals, but we need to sustain these savings to protect against future shocks and to promote resiliency no matter what the weather brings.”

The city continues to have a long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient on local water sources.

“Nearly 80% of the City’s water comes from local groundwater sources. With virtually no El Nino rains this year, it is imperative to use water efficiently and prudently so we keep our groundwater levels healthy and avoid importing water,” said Kubani.

Three recommended ways to save water include:

  1. Reduce irrigation watering by three minutes each cycle.
  2. Replace toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators that are older than 2014 with WaterSense labeled products. The city has a limited supply of free shower heads and faucets aerators.
  3. Fix leaks as soon as possible.

Santa Monica wants to remind its residents that there are easy water-saving measures, rebates, and programs available that help in reducing usage by 20 percent.

For more information, visit or call (310) 458-8972.