UNITED STATES—This month’s chronicle of familial offenders should enforce the belief that Uncle Sam needs to define the DO’S and DON’T’S of parenting.

We begin with a DISGUSTING CASE, not that I don’t find all situations where a child is hurt as HEINOUS!

ONE. Mississippi.

Wilber & Tammy Shepard of Mississippi are the parents of 3 children that have been removed from the home, parents charged with sexual crimes. I have a feeling that once the investigation is done, the report will be a doozy.

Thank GOD BAIL IS HIGH. $1.2 million for the father, who has 10 CHARGES of battery of a child and 2 counts of child rape. $100,000 for the mother’s rape and accessory after the fact charges.

TWO. Indiana.

This one will be short and to the point. This idiot father, 42-year-old Jason Luman of Indiana, let his 1-year-old child point a handgun  at maintenance workers. Click here.

THREE. Arkansas

A father who is also a level three sex offender, is being held responsible for the death of his son from blunt force trauma to the head. It gets worse I believe.

This 5NEWS story says that the father, 29-year-old Anthony McKown, “picked up the child and brought the baby to a motel room the arrest report states. He said he was feeding the baby, when the child stopped breathing.”

But they think it’s blunt force trauma that was fatal, from an additional bruise believed to have occured “minutes before he was admitted to the hospital.”

I’m simply not going to say outright what I am fearful of in this case.

FOUR. Virginia.

A 20-year-old father, Shawn Patrick Lackey, has been charged with 2 felony counts of child abuse, including SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME. This child was saved, but there are numerous injuries from the same time period.

FIVE. New Jersey.

A 4-year-old boy is dead and his 6-year old brother is blamed as the shooter who was “playing with his mother’s gun” when it discharged. The A 22-year-old mother, Itiyanah Spruill, was charged with possession of firearms back in 2014, and was at home during the time of the shooting.

SIX. Georgia.

A 37 year-old FATHER and his girlfriend have been charged with a number of crimes. Michael Wash’s 7-year-old daughter Kammarie was found in a lake a day before anyone called 911. Someone has some explaining to do.

SEVEN. Washington.

A 24-year-old mother and 34-year-old father are under investigation after their 4-month old child was found malnourished and dead. I wish we would be privy to government assistance records. Is this another case where Uncle Sam was paying food stamps, but people were more concerned feeding able-bodied adults instead of the children assistance is meant for?

EIGHT. Pennsylvania.

A pair of SICKO parents are under arrest after a heinous crime four years ago came to light. The couple “gifted’ their 14-year-old daughter to a man who help them out of ‘financial ruin.” In an affidavit, the father told an officer “he thought it was legal after he did some research online.”

Nine. Tennesee

Jessica Wise and Brian Gaddes were arrested after police found them “about to shoot up” heroin. They had an infant in the car with them.

Ten. Oregon.

This one is a sick case of foster parents, Dawnyle Kaestner, 46, and Darren Scott Durham, 47, who were denied certification a couple of years ago, but by then they had already adopted a couple of the children. Charges range from mistreatment to physical injury to forced medication, making on of them take Percocet against their will?

I will be revisiting this particular case in the future.

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