SANTA MONICA—To cater to the restrictions placed on restaurants in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, an eatery on the Third Street Promenade called “Dialogue” will be transitioning to an outdoor wine bar on August 6, with a new name, “Tidbits by Dialogue.”

With a patio that will be facing the Promenade, which is just outside its main dining room area, “Tidbits by Dialogue” will be utilizing a cooking stage dishes that are much more reasonably priced, and in place of a 20-course affair.

Jordon Sipperley and Dave Beran, the owners of “Dialogue” had been throwing around ideas like this for years now, and with specific protocols being enforced with the current pandemic, they thought this would be a good opportunity to put it out there for a test drive.

The menu for “Tidbits” will offer about ten dishes for customers, including roasted broccolini, anchovy and vinaigrette; choy sum with strawberries, tamarind, and avocado; prawns a la plancha; and skirt steak with sea grape, roast cauliflower.

In addition, they also have a Basque cheesecake, which is known to be famous, as well as wine, beer and low alcohol cocktails, which are based on sherry and vermouth.

“Tidbits by Dialogue” will be able to seat around 30 people across its patio area, spread out as much as possible in an effort to follow the six-foot social distancing rule.