AMERICA—Protests in New York over the weekend of July 25, to show solidarity for Portland, turned violent according to a video by New York City People.

The protests began on the afternoon of July 25, at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn and moved towards Manhattan. The demonstrators walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and were accompanied by bikers from Street Riders NYC. As the crowd moved towards the city center, violence ensued.

The video shows protesters attempting to smash NYPD vans with a signpost and a bicycle wheel, spray-paint the vans and slash their tires. It also shows protesters standing on top of police cars with the American flag inverted, with the message “F*** NYPD.” Another segment of the video shows one person urinating on a police car that has been spray-painted with the message “Burn the prisons.”

As the group made their way through Manhattan’s Little Italy, they knocked over trash cans and burned trash. A business owner’s show plants were destroyed and a waiter doused the fire in the trash can.

Trash cans burn as a man tries to put out the fire. Credits to Todd Maisel, AM New York Metro

Speaking to AM New York Metro, one of the restaurant owners said, “I understand they want to protest, but we are barely holding onto our businesses. Why do they have to make a mess, start fires, and throw our chairs into the street?”

Protestors continued their marches through lower Manhattan. Credits to Todd Maisel, AM New York Metro