SANTA MONICA—Earlier this week, St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica shut down one of their cafeteria’s kitchens due to a cockroach infestation.

St. John’s Health Center located on the 2100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard is known for treating patients such as Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. The facility was forced to shut down one of their kitchens when the Los Angeles County health inspectors found at least 10 cockroaches inside the kitchen, all still alive. The cafeteria, located on the second floor of the hospital is used by hospital staff, doctors, and visitors.

The hospital chain Providence Health and Services released a statement claiming that the incident was under control and maintained in only one cafeteria. They went on to say that the infestation had no affect on the patients because preparation for the food that is served to the patients is done in a different kitchen.

The staff of the hospital was also told not to be too concerned about the infestation because outside food is being provided for them. For those who come to the hospital in order to visit their loved ones, a list of local restaurants is being provided  as an alternative to the cafeteria.

Standard Cockroach
Standard Cockroach.

At this time, the hot weather is being blamed for the infestation. It is speculated that the cockroaches were finding shelter inside buildings in order to search for food and water. Cockroaches are known to adapt to their environment, but they do prefer warm areas.

They can transport types of microbes on their body that can be harmful to humans, sometimes causing allergic reactions. They are known for eating human, as well as pet food. A reliable method to keep out cockroaches is to double-check that everything is clean and properly sealed. If there is nothing for them to eat or drink and nowhere for them to hide then they will move to a new territory.

The cafeteria has already been closed for two days and is expected to re-open on Saturday.