SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica issued an update on services, recreation activities, public areas, and programs open, closed, or when they plan to open.

“In case you haven’t been tracking the closing and reopening of city programs and services, we would like to provide an update here so you a quick reference and don’t miss out on opportunities,” said Public Information Officer Constance Farrell in a statement.

For recreation activities, the Cove Skate Park at Memorial Park is set to reopen on Tuesday, August 4, with use Monday thru Saturday only. The Santa Monica swim center is planned to reopen August 10, every Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

Permits for surf camps and beach yoga classes are required for reopening and the Annenberg Community Beach House’s parking lot, Wi-Fi, walkways, and restrooms are currently open. The public pool and other community areas remain closed.

All beach parking lots are open as well as select businesses on the Santa Monica Pier, which is open for strolling. Tennis courts throughout Santa Monica are open with no reservations required. The East Court at the Colorado Center Park does take reservations for single play.

In regard to learning and enrichment programs, the Santa Monica Library’s main location has been offering curbside drop off and pick up that will soon be expanding to the library’s Pico branch. Day camps are allowed to open with social distancing precautions, although many have already reached capacity.

The Camera Obscura Art Lab is offering online workshops and will be opening an online exhibit on August 27. Beach=Culture events have also transitioned online and a poetry reading will be occurring on August 26. Although the farmer’s market Pico location is slated for reopening sometime this month, the downtown market continues to remain open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

For housing and food services, Santa Monica’s below-market housing waitlist continues to be open. The program works to provide affordable housing to seniors, those with a disability, and for those with a low income. From 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. school children are eligible for free summer lunches available at the Virginia Avenue Park through August 14. There is also a COVID-19 emergency pantry, which offers pre-assembled bags of groceries and fresh produce to low-income Santa Monica residents.

For more information on the status of programs, services, public areas, and recreation activities, visit