SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica law firm, Kohn Law Firm, which represented Jacobs v. Bank of America Corporations is asking for a federal judge to return money that they were not properly compensated for during the case from arbitration.The law firm documented a 25-page petition stating parts of the arbitrator’s award that was left out. 

“The Arbitrator (the Hon. Jacqueline A. Connor, ret.) awarded KLG Legal fee earned and expenses incurred while Kohn represent Respondent Bruce Jacobs as co-counsel in litigation,” states the legal document.

The arbitrator awarded $219,984.15 to Kohn Law Firm. The petition also states that the client was represented by five other firms. 

“Those firms would share pro rata a contingent fee 40% of any Relator’s whistleblower award to Jacobs, i.e., 40% of the 25-30% that Jacobs could receive, out of the Government’s proceeds-plus statutory fees,” stated the petition. 

Kohn Law Firm believes that there were miscalculations to how Bank of America owed and agreed to pay fees and costs.