UNITED STATES—Have you ever been in a position where you know something is wrong, but for reasons you cannot fathom you refuse to open your eyes to see what is staring you directly in the face? I know I’m not the only person. We all have those ‘moments’ where the light is shined on you. You see or realize something that has been nagging you for years, but you continue to ignore it. A lot of people would say that is your gut instinct.

Yes, I would argue your gut instinct is important, but way too often people ignore the signs. Your gut could be telling you a ton of things, like your safety is in jeopardy. You have to be intuitive to things that make your skin crawl. It’s a hint that something is not right and action needs to be taken NOW not later. This same instinct applies to your career trajectory. I’m not the only person who has that job that just boils my blood at times. You sometimes have to go into a room and scream because you just cannot take it anymore.

I think I’ve reached that point with one of my employers because I’m not seeing any progress and at this point in my life I’m ready for a major change. I want to see progression at my place of employment and if I’m not seeing it, then “What the hell am I doing?” Yes, ask yourself that question when it comes to work. The notion of going to work sends dread down the spine, having to deal with annoying, stupid or lazy co-workers, and not making the level of income that you prefer.

You may not see the benefits that you want when it comes to your job. That means the benefits, personal time off, paid vacations, raises, constant stress; I can keep going if you like me to America. Perhaps, the biggest issue of them all is that you’re NOT HAPPY! That is something that can eat away at your soul, and as a result you have to make a decision: is the situation I’m currently in worth the sacrifice that I keep making?

You likely know the answer to that question, which means, start to implement a game plan that will help you make the change that will impact your life for the positive not the negative. If you’re in a negative head space when it comes to your work situation, family situation or educational journey, the negative will not just stop; sometimes you have to make the move to change things. Someone once told me insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and hoping for a different result. If you’re still doing something that brings you more stress than happiness, then why are you still doing it? Are you fearful of the consequences of the decision you make, are you worried about hurting someone’s feelings?

Stop. The likelihood of the people you’re afraid of hurting caring about your wellbeing does not matter. At the end of the day your mental, physical and emotional health should triumph that of others. That is the problem with some Americans: we’re so concerned about others we forget about ourselves. So let me say it loud and clear to you: if you’re not happy OPEN YOUR EYES to address what you’ve been feeling for weeks, months or years. Make the decision to change what has been eating away at you.