SANTA MONICA—It was announced on Thursday, December 15 that two Santa Monica College (SMC) students won International awards in the short film category in the Santa Monica Best Shorts International Competition.

Student and winner Carrie Finklea wrote and directed the film, “A Fish Story,” which received Awards for Merit and Special Mentions. “A Fish Story” was filmed in Ponza, Italy and co-produced by the Santa Monica College Film Production Program and CinemadaMare.

Former SMC student and winner, Daniel Hawley, wrote and directed ,“Like A Rolling Stone.” The film won Awards of Merit in two separate categories, including the Student Short Film and the Best Original Score. The score was created by Michael McLeanand, featuring Juan-Salvador Carrasco and Andrea Sanderson. “Like a Rolling Stone” was conceptualized in a film class at SMC.

At the Best Shorts International Competition—an event that takes place in La Jolla—judges receive thousands of film entries, some up to 57 minutes in length. They are categorized under genres including: Best of Show, Award of Excellence, Award of Merit and Award of Recognition.

According the the competition’s website, “The judging takes place by in-house staff and a committee of industry professionals including Emmy, Telly and Communicator award nominees and recipients,” states the Santa Monica Best Shorts International Competition website.

Now in it’s fifth year, the competition has recognized filmmakers from more than 40 different countries. The Best Shorts International Competition’s sister competitions include, Accolade Global Film Competition, The IndieFest Film Awards, and Impact Doc Awards.

The competition aims to expose talented filmmakers of both already-established production companies, as well as those who are new to world of filmmaking.

There is an entry fee of $60 for submitting in the first category and $40 for each additional category.