BEVERLY HILLS—This week in Hollywoodland John Travolta and his beautiful wife Kelly Preston welcomed a baby boy, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” continued as a ratings winner, famed Hollywood publicist and friend Ronni Chasen was laid to rest, Ronn Moss will be in this year’s Thanksgiving parade and lots more.

The Learning Channel is becoming well known for making stars. After “Jon and Kate Plus 8” debuted and became a huge success Kate Gosselin joined “Dancing With The Stars” and also appears as a guest co-host on ABC’s “The View” from time to time. Now TLC is welcoming former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who doesn’t mind bringing cameras into her home and private life so that her fans can see what really goes on behind the scenes of the newest celebrity we all know from Fox News, on Facebook and Twitter.

What is fascinating about Ms. Palin is just how genuine and normal her kids seem to be. Her husband Todd still seems a bit uneasy with the cameras as he did during the 2008 campaign, but not Sarah. Just like always she knows how to work a room and make the camera love her, as much as her fans do. “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” takes an intimate look at the last great western frontier. This reality show is becoming an infomercial for the great state of Alaska. Whether it’s making dinner or fishing in a stream, we are front and center for a real look at the beautiful state from its most famous denizen.

Starting next week, I’ll be following the series and reviewing it. Here’s hoping that it continues to be as interesting for me as it has become for over 5 million other viewers.

20 year old Bristol Palin didn’t win the trophy for the 11th season of “Dancing With The Stars” on Tuesday, but she does deserve credit for holding her own and remaining cool under the pressure of attacks from some viewers who accused her of having rigged the process for voting. Good luck to Bristol, and if she can continue on the path she’s been on for the past few months, she’ll do fine.

After a couple years of heartbreak for one of Hollywood’s nicest couples, Kelly Preston gave birth to a healthy son Benjamin, who was born Tuesday in a Florida hospital. John Travolta is said to be beaming and the baby weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz. Baby Benjamin joins big sister Ella Bleu.

Ronni Chasen was a behind the scenes wizard that crafted the careers of many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Her death placed her name in the headlines for eternity, and was a tragic, senseless and violent act, which all of us pray will be solved soon. Ronni’s drive on the dark curvy highway known famously as Sunset Boulevard sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood. One of her best friends was TV Guide soap columnist Michael Logan, who tells Canyon News exclusively, “Last week was a rough one, with the death of Ronni Chasen. She was my very first boss, my idol, the woman who convinced me I could write and sent me on this crazy journey known as my life. The loss is staggering for so many, many people. I’m sure you’ve read about the funeral yesterday — a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul.” Chasen’s death hopefully will be solved and not become part of the annals of Hollywood mysteries such as “Superman’s” George Reeves death over five decades ago. Anyone with information about this senseless murder should contact the authorities with the Beverly Hills Police Dept.

Charlie Sheen has filed a preemptive strike against the woman who has accused him of choking her during his tirade at the Plaza Hotel in NYC last month. Sheen’s publicist says that the actor suffered an allergic reaction to some prescription medication, however the woman in his hotel room has recently stated he attacked her and she was afraid. Sheen’s lawyers say the allegations are untrue and the “Two and a Half Men” star will not pay a dime to his accuser.

Ronn Moss will be riding in the 77th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 28 in Hollywood. He will also be performing, with his band, Player during the parade. The parade will tape on Sunday, November 28 and will air on December 6 on the Hallmark Channel. It will then run in syndication.

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Photographs are Courtesy: Sarah Palin by TLC and Ronn Moss by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions
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