HOLLYWOOD—This has been the storyline that has unnerved me for months on “General Hospital.” That is the one thing that annoys me more than anything: “GH” writers drag things much longer than what they should and the payoff fizzles in my opinion. I mean “The Bold and the Beautiful” didn’t drag the baby swap storyline too long and after it was finally exposed it delivered even juicer narrative for the soap. However, with the latest bomb, it feels like the truth is really going to come out in the coming weeks.

How so? Sasha fearful of Liesl Obrecht spilling the truth about her paternity, Sasha decided to finally confess to Michael Corinthos that she is NOT Nina Reeves’ daughter! Wow, Sasha really confessed that truth, but the question everyone wants to know is what Michael will do with that information. There is no way that Michael keeps this to himself, at least it’s possible. The problem is Michael has been unhappy in love for a very long time, so in the essence of not losing his current flame I can see him holding this secret close to the chest at least for a bit of time. Which is what he advised Sasha to do? Michael what are you thinking! If you only knew the secret being kept from you by Brad you would be livid.

Nina is on cloud nine realizing that Sasha has made a full recovery, but Valentin is still on eggshells. Why? He knows Liesl knows the truth about Sasha and Cassandra Pierce is still a threat looming. Not to mention the fact that Curtis, Jax and Hayden have been actively searching for that codicil; which is key evidence that the Valentin is not heir to the Cassadine fortune. I’ve stated this before a face from the past is coming back and I would not be surprised if that person was Nikolas.

It would explain Cassandra’s reemergence, the infection of Sasha, the constant rumblings of his name, and of course I see the big reveal taking place during Nina and Valentin’s nuptials. This brings another layer with Peter August willing to be Valentin’s best man. Why? Valentin senses Peter is holding a secret, and Peter knows that Valentin is holding a secret. So the question becomes whose secret will be exposed first and what will they do with that information?

Peter was responsible for Drew’s initial disappearance in Iraq, not to mention the fact that he’s currently working behind the scenes to help Shiloh make his prison bust. Why? If he doesn’t Shiloh plans to spill all about Peter’s past will explode in his face. Peter is indeed in a catch-22, but if he hasn’t learned from his past mistakes he deserves what is headed his way.

Robert is watching Peter like a hawk, and once Shiloh’s trial got underway it was clearer than day that Peter is up to no good, I can only imagine how Anna, Robert, Mac, Felicia, Maxie and Lulu will respond to realizing Peter hasn’t changed at all. Speaking of Lulu, it looks like she has finally moved on from Dante with Dustin. After dancing around a potential romance for weeks, the duo hooked up at the Haunted Star, but never expected Laura and Curtis to walk in on them in the middle of getting busy. Yeah, good luck on getting rid of the notion of your parent seeing you do the dirty deed in the flesh.

Laura and Curtis continued to poke around and came face-to-face with Cassandra. She threatened their lives with a gun, but was disarmed by Curtis and taken to the PCPD. She offered a deal to Laura to take Valentin down once and for all, but Laura did not bite, I wish she would have because I think Cassandra knows the whereabouts of Nikolas Cassadine and was ready to share those details with Laura of all people.

The other big reveal that “General Hospital” has dragged far longer than need be is the fact that Michael is Wiley’s birth father. Another person has learned that secret and it’s a big name: Julian! Yes, Julian pieced Obrecht’s involvement with Nelle realizing that Nelle is Wiley’s birth mother and Michael is the father. Julian is not happy with this turn of events.

He’s changed to be a better man, but Brad is certainly pushing him to make a move to keep Obrecht quiet and prevent his world from blowing up. Julian is very apprehensible, but worried more than anything because he knows if Sonny discovers Julian knew the truth and did nothing, he’s going to want blood revenge and the war between the Jerome family and the Corinthos clan will be ignited to epic and I mean epic proportions. He had the opportunity, but Julian refused to travel back down that dark rabbit hole.

Delivering a whopper of a surprise this week was the hookup between Kim and Franco aka Drew. Kim KNOWS Franco is not Drew, but she just can’t let go. I sense when the truth about these two sleeping together comes to light, it will cause Julian to travel back down that dark path or reunite with former flame Alexis. This should be interesting to say the least. I cannot wait to see this pan out, considering Elizabeth knows Kim and Franco shared a kiss, but could his hookup be the nail in the coffin in their relationship, especially when Franco returns to his true self? Looks like the audience will have to wait and see on that one.