Tag: Cassandra

Nikolas Cassadine Is Alive On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─I called it, and once again the writing was on the wall by the writers, as Nikolas Cassadine made his triumphant return to Port...

“Power” Recap: ‘Like Father, Like Son’

HOLLYWOOD—Like I said, last week’s episode of “Power” was not as riveting as episode five, but this week’s episode, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ made...

Sasha Gilmore Exposed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—This has been the storyline that has unnerved me for months on “General Hospital.” That is the one thing that annoys me more than...

Bombshells Start To Rock “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—There is so much madness taking place right now on “General Hospital” I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start with...

Walls Are Closing In On Valentin On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—The Jason mystery while not 100 percent solved on “General Hospital” has definitely opened more doors than expected. For starts, Patient 6 aka (Jason...

Valentin Cassadine Makes Enemies On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Having a strong villain on daytime television is not an easy feat America, especially in the soap arena. For years, the biggest villain of...
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