UNITED STATES−A school fundraiser at Marshall Middle School in Virginia was ended early because of students who wore hats in support of the President Donald Trump during Hat Day.

The fundraiser was for Future Farmers of America, which allowed students to pay $1 to wear a hat. According to the school’s dress code, hats are not allowed in school.

According to a Fauquier County School District spokesperson, “Tensions between students caused the fundraiser to end early,” where students were forced to remove their hats and no one was disciplined.



Parents of the students went to Facebook to voice their concerns about the incident. There were rumors that two students questioned were suspended. While another parent posted that she heard there was a fight.

“Hats should be for fun…Nothing political or religious,” one commentator posted.

“Some of these comments are just outright ridiculous. Everyone needs to stop drawing conclusions. My son was one of the ones involved. He did not get suspended and he was not breaking any rules. We chose to take him home. He was exercising his constitutional right and supporting the President of the United States. He was not going around causing a scene or going up to other students as some are saying. Stop talking negatively about the students unless you have first-hand knowledge of what happened. I have emailed the superintendent about this incident. People need to grow up and accept that President Trump is the President. I will fight this fight for him. Period,” stated the father of one of the students.


Canyon News contacted Tara Helkowski, the Public Inofmraiton Officer for the Fauquier County Schools who issued the following response:

“Hat day was a fundraiser at Marshall Middle School. The administration decided to end hat day early because it was causing a substantial disruption to the school community.  At that time, all students were asked to remove their hats.  No students were disciplined.”