HOLLYWOOD—It’s hard to believe that there was no new episode of “Scream Queens” last week, but the horror-comedy returned in bloody fashion this week picking up precisely where the chaos left off. This week’s episode ‘Beware of Young Girls’ kicked off with the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau attending the funeral for Chanel #2, not to mention Chanel and the rest of the ladies leaving nasty comments. It was a funeral that was unlike any other.

Something I would never play with, an Ouija board was introduced to the mix as the Chanel’s decided to communicate with the dead. The board ratted on Chad’s cheating ways. Gigi was livid on the phone with the killer about eliminating a male who is interfering with their plans. It became apparent that she has been planning this revenge plot for years. Gigi is definitely a bit bonkers, can’t believe that Wes is unaware of what is going on, just as she bonded with his daughter Grace over fashion.

Grace and Pete spoke with Feather, a former KKT sister who spilled the beans about Dean Munsch. Ironically, Feather is the woman who caused the fracture of Dean Munsch’s marriage. The duo suspected that Dean Munsch could indeed be the killer. Not so sure I buy that theory. Feather arrived home and found herself falling right into the killers trap as body parts and bloody arrows led to a gruesome scene.

Chanel stumbled upon Chad in a compromising position in bed with a farm animal. He explained that he was in bed with a goat because he is lactose intolerant. This airhead completely bought everything that Chad was selling.

Cathy was none too pleased to see herself placed under arrest for the murders on campus. To make matters worse she was placed in a white jacket, as Heather watched from a distance. Inside the KKT house, Grace and Pete had a diagram detailing all the murders doing their best to explain how Dean Munsch could be tied to the crimes, and received a call from the dean asking to see them in person.

Pete and Grace got evidence from Dr. Munsch’s crime scene, where a sandwich proved Cathy’s innocence, meaning the killer is still at large. The Chanel clique decided to contact Chanel #2 from the grave once again. That had to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks. The other ladies discussed that the fact that Chanel could indeed be the killer. They decided they should murder Chanel and a sugar party was at the top of the list.

Chanel received a visit from Chanel #2 who explained that she envied her leader and that she had slept with Chad. She revealed that the other ladies were planning to murder her. Pete did his best to break into a crime scene without causing a scene, but his sleuthing skills are not that great. The authorities discovered that it was Feather who murdered Dean Munsch’s hubby. Cathy disclosed a bit of a history about her nemesis, but it’s fair to say that Feather is not the killer.

Grace wanted the specifics about the missing baby from the bathtub, but Dean Munsch was only willing to speak to Grace alone about the truth. Chanel confronted her allies about their plan to take her out, and turned the tables by pointing the finger at Zayday and Grace. It became clear that Cathy framed Feather and placed a bunch of ideas into her head.

I must say while no important characters bite the dust this week, the mystery continued to unravel in interesting ways. Until next Tuesday “Scream Queens” fanatics!