HOLLYWOOD—Last week “Scream Queens” decided to focus its attention on unraveling some wicked clues as to who the culprit (s) are involved in the murders on the campus of Wallace University. This week’s episode ‘Mommie Dearest’ kicked off with Dean Munsch acting coy with Grace about the details of the baby in the KKT house. So it seems the Dean told a bit of a fib to get herself out of a sticky situation.

It was an epic sequence paying homage to the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller “Psycho” as Dean Munsch realized that there were three people working in collaboration with the mayhem on campus. Like the true scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis kicked pure ass. Why can’t we have more scenes like this in actual horror movies? She punched someone wearing a Richard Nixon mask knocking them out cold. Wait, why the hell did she not unmask her suitors? Wouldn’t that have been the smart thing to do?

Chanel once again was determined to prove that Grace and Zayday are her mortal enemies. The Chanel clan is full of complete idiots. Denise Hemphill made herself comfortable by moving into the KKT house to ‘protect’ the ladies. Chanel #3 implemented a plan to utilize Denise to prove that Zayday Williams is indeed the Red Devil killer.

Cathy started to spill some beans about that night at KKT house, but was cautious not to incriminate herself by using the term ‘hypothetically’ a ton of times. Grace may not have gotten all the juicy details she wanted, but she did get the name of the child which is Sophia Boyle. Hmm, so the mastermind is a woman? Jennifer told a story to Denise about how Zayday was made a fool of by a group of rich kids at her prior school and planned to get revenge against her tormentors. That did not bode well for Jennifer who while vlogging about candles met a bloody demise at the hands of the Red Devil killer.

Grace and Pete started to dig into specifics about the missing child and the person who helped assist the child. The duo returned to the mental institution to get details about ‘The Hag of Shady Lane’ where it became apparent that Gigi is the culprit. The mystery intensified when it was revealed that the KKT sister may have had twins, a boy and a girl.

Dean Munsch was forced to address the public as Jennifer’s murder became news. Chanel learned that Chanel #5 may have attempted to murder her, which left her slightly stunned when she learned her pal’s real name. Chanel’s investigators revealed that Grace’s mother had a criminal past. Wes filled in Grace about his ‘fake’ engagement to Gigi, and he revealed that he did not plan to marry her. Grace was not happy that her father hasn’t revealed all the details about his past life. Could Wes be a killer, it’s indeed possible? Chanel decided to confront her nemesis Grace about her mother’s shady past.

An epic flashback revealed that Grace’s mother was not the KKT sister in the bathtub. Chanel bulldozed Grace with a bunch of horrible things about mommie dearest who was fatally killed in a car crash. It prompted Grace to deliver a wicked slap to Chanel. I must say it was a thrilling scene to watch.

Denise stood at the table declaring herself the new housemother, just as Chanel did her best to wield her authority. Denise confronted Chanel about her evil conversation with Grace and made threats. She revealed that she got busy with her boy toy Chad. I must say Denise got major kudos from me for that scene. Wes was forced to reveal the dirty details about her mom’s past.

Grace confronted her dad about keeping secrets, and she may have made an admission of guilt? Gigi pointed the finger at Grace to do her best to keep her off her trail. Chanel spilled a bit of gossip about her family tree with Grace as a way to bond the KKT sisterhood. Boone returned to the scene dressed in a disguise as he pumped weights, while talking to the mystery third party on the phone. So we know Gigi and Boone are working together, but who is that third person? Whoever he or she is, is the mastermind behind all the chaos that is taking place. With only four episode left could it be Chanel, Chanel #3, Chanel #5, Hester, Grace, Zayday, Pete, Wes, Dean Munsch or Chad? Its indeed one of those culprits! Until next week “Scream Queens” die-hards!