HOLLYWOOD—Those of you who have been patiently waiting for something to transpire on “Scream: The TV Series” the wait is over! Last week Brooke got ‘Carried’ when the killer drenched her in blood in front of the entire school, as she came face-to-face with Jake’s bloody body. This week’s episode ‘Dawn of the Dead’ saw the entire school on lockdown as the search for a killer was kicked into full gear and the Lakewood Six learned that the murder spree isn’t over.

Authorities arrived at the school to contain the situation issuing a lockdown. Brooke was in complete shock as Maggie took photos of the crime scene. Emma found herself being questioned by the authorities, as did Noah who confessed he was pals with Jake. Noah acknowledged that Piper’s accomplice picked up where she left off; planning to finish the job that was left unfinished. Emma found herself having a complete breakdown as the entire student body looked at her with disgust.

Audrey felt guilty about not saying anything about Jake’s death, just as she realized that Brooke had been receiving texts from Jake’s killer. Yes, Brooke a serial killer is on the loose yet again. Audrey decided to text the killer, but she should be careful, they know that secret that you’ve been keeping. Emma received a text that scared her. Its apparent Emma had Jake’s phone in her possession which left her and Kieran unnerved. What’s up with Eli, that guy is such a creeper he has killer written all over his face.

Kieran, Audrey and Emma discussed the revelation that someone placed Jake’s phone in her backpack. The parents were outraged to discover their kids have been placed on lockdown with a possible killer on the loose. Brooke was glad to see her father, just as Audrey made rational sense to Emma that they cannot allow the killer to trap them. Noah did his best to bridge the gap between him and Zoe regarding that awkward kiss, not to mention the fact that a killer has re-emerged. Jeez, she read Noah in ways he never expected.

The students were in uproar when news surfaced that all lockers were being searched. Um, Kieran, just what do you have in your locker that you don’t want the rest of the world to find out. It was a gun! Wow, Kieran got a pass from the new sheriff who wanted to take Kieran underneath his wing, but there were indeed strings attached. Noah did his best to get back into the library without being spotted. Eli was up to his old tricks yet again as he tried to play hero to get rid of Jake’s phone for Emma. Too bad the cops got to her before it could be discarded. Jeez, Kieran, are you up to something.

Audrey alerted Noah that Emma had Jake’s phone, as her suspicion was heightened as she saw Gustavo drawing a picture of Jake’s body. Sheriff Miguel went toe-to-toe with Mayor Maddox. That was a moment worth waiting for as that annoying a** Hayley chick got a slap to the face by Emma. I mean this is the same girl that thought playing a prank on Audrey would be funny. I suspect her body will be dropping very soon, and not many people will be missing her to say the least.

Brooke revealed to the authorities that Seth Branson killed Jake and was stalking her. Emma was in shock at her girl-fight with Hayley, just as Ms. Lang looks to have an ulterior motive by locking Emma in her office. Ok, is this woman purposely trying to make Emma crazy? Audrey continued to speculate that Gustavo could be the culprit, just as she realized the emergency door is disarmed. Maggie revealed to Brooke that Jake has been dead for at least 2-3 days. Emma received a call from the killer, just as she spotted them outside the window prompting her to go Ripley and shatter that window, cutting her arm in the process.

Sheriff Miguel choose to remove Maggie from the case because of her inability to stay partial, hmm, I’m starting to question the motives of this guy. Gustavo was well aware that Audrey was staring at him intently. Audrey slipped and revealed to Noah that she has been getting calls from the killer, which she tried to clean up by saying ‘texts’ than she revealed that ‘people’ have been killed. Audrey, you’ve given the horror buff plenty of evidence.

Audrey took Gustavo’s pictures, and showcased them to the school, which resulted in him becoming public enemy #1 unleashing a full blown brawl. Miguel was left to pick up the pieces as he witnessed his son with a bloody nose and being ostracized, just as Emma emerged with a bloody arm. Ok, hands down this has to be one of the most intense episodes of the series to date people!

Emma pointed fingers at her teacher about locking her in a room, but she remained coy about the fact that she saw the killer. She was not pleased to see that Kieran gave her up to the authorities. Audrey felt quite guilty about what she did to Gustavo, just as Noah decided to take Audrey’s phone to learn just what she was up to. Brooke decided to venture into the school pool to unleash her emotions. The final moments of the episode saw Noah break into Audrey’s phone where he learned his pal knew Jake was dead and was working with Piper!

Until next Tuesday “Scream” lunatics! Yeah, trust me the switch from Monday to Tuesday threw me off also, but new episodes are now airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.