HOLLYWOOD—I will admit, I am a huge fan of the film “Scream,” so when it was announced that the popular franchise was headed to the small screen I was intrigued by the premise. It instantly became a guilty pleasure for me last summer, so when the series got picked up for a second season I was pumped, especially considering that epic cliffhanger which implied Audrey was probably in cahoots with Piper (the killer).

The second season of the horror series kicked off on Monday, Memorial Day of all days on MTV seeing the return of Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) to Lakewood after the events that transpired with the revelation that Piper was her sister and responsible for the bloodshed that transpired in the quiet town. Things have seemed to gotten back to normal or at least the audience is made to believe such.

Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is dealing with quite a bit of stress with that secret that she has been keeping from everyone, including Noah (John Karna) who is obsessed now more than ever with his theory that Piper did indeed have an accomplice. Look closer Noah, you will see that person is your best friend. If the opening for season two is any indicator, viewers can expect plenty of twists and turns along the way.

The Meta approach is more prevalent than ever, and I’ll reframe from spoiling it for the viewer because it’s so clever I wish I had thought of it. Let’s just say Audrey gets a few unexpected surprises while working at the movie theater, that sutures the audience so quickly you suspect what you’re witnessing to be real when that may or may not be the case at all. That prank would have cost someone their life, you just don’t do stuff like that when someone has experienced trauma of this sorts. Looks like Brooke (Carlson Young) and Jake (Tom Maden) are still an item, just as they joined the rest of the gang including Kiernan (Amadeus Serafini) to celebrate Emma’s big welcome home bash. She put on a great face, but its obvious Emma is still haunted by the past.

Emma is no fan of Noah’s podcast, and it appears Audrey is the torment of the newest killer who delivered her a menacing phone call making it crystal clear that he or she knows her dirty little secret. Looks like the notion of being labeled a hero or villain is haunting Audrey, and her pal Noah keeping a visual board connecting all of the Lakewood murders is not helping her conscience.

While napping, Emma was rattled by a vivid dream that shed a bit of light on a little girl playing on what looks to be a farm. That was a stunner, Jake looks like the first victim of our newest killer because he just got his leg caught in a bear trap and whacked with a baseball bat. School is indeed in session, and it looks like we have a few new faces in Lakewood. First up there is Zoe, and then there is Gustavo, who happens to be the son of the new cop in town. He has a love for all things odd and bloody, and is giving Noah a run for his money on the creep factor/obvious red herring.

Jake isn’t dead, just in a ton of pain, and his torture is being captured on video, hmm, “Scream 4” people? Looks like Audrey is going to be forced to play by the rules of the new killer because if she whispers anything to the police, all hell is expected to break loose. Brooke has realized that she cares about Jake a lot more than she suspected, if only she knew he was in serious trouble.

Audrey and Noah went over his board, which further confirmed his theory that her new tormentor is Piper’s accomplice. But if we suspected Audrey had an involvement, who is the third party that Piper used as an ace in the bag, because its apparent Audrey had no clue who the individual is.

Wow, Emma decided to partake in Noah’s podcast as a way of conquering one of her fears. Her interest was poked when she spotted Noah’s visual board, and saw a picture of that pig farm that appeared in her dream.  Jake did his best to break free, just as he allowed the killer to confront him face-to-face yet again, only this time, things looked dire on Jake’s behalf.

Emma and Brooke decided to pay a visit to Troy James’ pig farm without Noah knowing. It appeared that barn was where Jake was being held captive. They choose to retreat to the house, instead of poke inside the farm house, where Jake was being held upside down. Jake was indeed the victim of a bloody end courtesy of a scythe. Wow, brutal people, just brutal.

Audrey got a shocking surprise at work, as the killer printed off multiple copies of letters that were sent to Piper and posted them all over the bathroom at her workplace. Yeah, guilty, guilty! The final moments of the episode saw Brooke and Emma poke inside the home next to the pig farm. It became apparent to Emma that someone was living inside the home (the static TV screen) and the numerous photos of Emma as a child and as a teen, just as she caught the glimpse of someone cloaked in all black. So who will be next to bite it? Who know, but things are looking good people.

Until next Tuesday horror fanatics! “Scream: The TV Series” airs Mondays at 11 p.m. on MTV.