HOLLYWOOD─For those of us waiting for Valentin Cassadine to receive his comeuppance on “General Hospital” looks like they will have to wait a little bit longer. Valentin has NO IDEA that a ton of forces are working against him, and the biggest one is standing right in front of him: Nina Reeves. Nina has been secretly working to take down her hubby ever-since discovering that he was responsible for making her think Sasha Gilmore was her long-lost daughter.

Yeah, she feigned ignorance and forgave Valentin, even though only two people know that Nina is secretly planning to destroy Valentin’s life. Those people are Jax and Ava. Jax is an interesting element because the moment he returned to town it was clear that the writers’ were planning a love affair between the two. Jax seems smitten by Nina and vice versa. They have great chemistry and it would be interesting to see Nina with a new lover in play.

Ava on the other hand has been a formidable foe to Nina in the past. I mean this woman was responsible for sleeping with Nina’s former hubby Silas and blowing up her marriage in the process. The ladies have not been the best of pals, but with their recent hardships they have bonded over grief. Ava was spiraling out of control, and coming face-to-face with Nikolas sent her straight to the psych ward. After a chat with Nina and a bit of evidence, both ladies realized they have been duped: Nikolas Cassadine is indeed alive!

So Ava and Nina held a painting war, where Helena’s portrait was up for grabs. Laura won the bid, but the painting went up in flames in the process horrifying all involved, but Valentin was pleased with the outcome. How so? He thought the leverage Curtis, Laura, Hayden and Jax had on him, is long gone regarding Mikkos’ codicil. Not so fast, Ava and Nina have the codicil in their possession, and Nikolas fell for Ava’s trap where she came face-to-face with him again, with gun in hand. He wanted that codicil, but Ava had terms she wanted fulfilled before giving into that demand. So it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Why?

Sonny is onto the fact that Jax is hiding something and Carly knows all about it. Now, Jason is aware that Jax is hiding something. That spells trouble because Sonny and Jason are thick as thieves, and they don’t keep secrets from one another. Carly wants Jax to turn Nikolas into the authorities, but he has trepidations. It is only complicated more by the fact that Charlotte is convinced that Nikolas is her guardian angel, and even Laura was puzzled when her granddaughter revealed who her guard was. Will Laura be able to piece the mystery together? One shall see.

So the way things are headed, both Nikolas and Valentin should expect their worlds to collide and explode in the coming weeks, and I cannot wait to see all the fallout. In a bit of good news Franco has returned to himself, Michael and Willow as I noted are getting closer while bonding with Wiley. As I pointed out, Michael and Willow will become an item once the truth about Wiley being Michael’s son comes to light. These two have always had a spark and I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon.

Brad is on edge because he knows the walls are closing in on the truth. Julian knows what Brad did, and Nelle is up to no good. It’s like she intentionally had Ryan Chamberlain stab her so she could escape. She’s being held captive in the hospital, but it feels like only a matter of time before Nelle makes a run for it and I hence a kidnapping is in the mix. How so? Wiley is at General Hospital and so is Nelle, and in case you forgot, Nelle is Wiley’s birth mom, so this would set the stage for a collision audiences want to see resolved once and for all.

We have to chat about something I pinpointed a few weeks ago, it looks like Peter August might be exposed. Whose the person likely to expose him: his own mother Anna Devane, who senses something is off about Peter’s appearance at the hospital when Dr. Maddox was attacked during Franco’s memory swapping surgery. Her gears have started moving so its only a matter of time once she discovers what her son has been up to. The question we all have is what will Anna do with that information?