HOLLYWOOD—The death of J.T. Hellstrom on “The Young and the Restless” I saw a mile away when he first assaulted Victoria Newman. However, this decision to cover-up his demise with Phyllis, Sharon, Nikki and Victoria taking that secret to the grave is very interesting to say the least. Why? No secret stays buried forever, and the fact that they decided to bury his body in a public park, just leaves me speechless. I don’t think it was smart at all, and we all know with Paul (being the noble one that he is), will not rest until he locates J.T. and then once that happens finding his killer or killers will be just as imperative.

I will admit Sharon looked like she was going to crack first, but then I recall Phyllis has a strong backbone and Nikki has already killed before. Do you not recall she murdered Diane Jenkins aka Kyle’s mother. Yes, it’s unfortunate that no one seems to bring that up. Only in the soap world can you kill someone and get away with it Scott-free or without people bringing the issue up again. My money is now pegged at Victoria being the first to crack. The sleepless nights, the constant pressure to sleep in that room where her lover was murdered is starting to pierce through Victoria psyche. She is going to crack, the question of the hour is just who she will spill the secret to first and foremost. With Paul questioning her and Reed determined to learn why his dad just ‘vanished’ she is going to slip up and spill the beans unleashing all hell along the way.

Victor is back at home recovering, but I wonder why Nikki and Vicki would not disclose that little bombshell to the great patriarch. I mean if there is anyone and I mean anyone that can help someone out of a pickle it would be Victor. I mean he’s committed dastardly deeds in the past and gotten away with them to say the least. I do understand Nikki’s point that Victor would use that information against them. The interesting facet is that video footage of J.T. abusing Victoria, which leaves one to wonder if the camera is still in the home and rather Victor captured evidence of J.T.’s body and the ladies planning the coverup?

Enough chat with the Newman clan, let’s chat a little bit about the Abbott family. The return of Kyle Abbott is a welcome addition to the clan and I gotta say Michael Mealor is killing it in this new role. He has brought a bit of attitude to the character; a bit of arrogance and confidence that is important. Kyle was all set to take Jabot public, but at the last minute a miracle transpired where Jack was released and reclaimed his seat as CEO of the company that his father created. Jack is doing his best to watch Kyle, while attempting to bond with his son yet again.

What’s the problem? Jack doesn’t trust Kyle. The kid always seems to have an ulterior motive and because of that Billy is on Jack’s side to keep an eye on his nephew (little does he know, he has absolutely no blood bond to Jack, Kyle, Abby or Ashley). Kyle has been poking and he found that SD card that Ashley and Abby thought they torched. Kyle’s brain is already churning to discover Dina’s secret about Jack’s parentage. However, Kyle should be careful because if the truth comes out, he’ll discover he’s not an Abbott either, so forget the notion of taking over Jabot as it now belongs to Billy if we’re being honest. Kyle still working with Victor speaks wonders, but it seems the mustache has a bit of compassion for Dina.

With that, we have to talk about the return of Neil who was not happy to see Devon and Hilary still bickering. Neil seemed out of the loop about a lot of things with Hamilton-Winters, the fact that Lily has a modeling gig with the company and that Hilary has returned to dig her claws back into the Winters’ family. As long as you give Hilary an inch, that girl will take a got damn mile. It’s like she never learns, and to be honest I don’t think she ever will. Neil made it crystal clear that he plans to eliminate Hilary not only from Devon’s life, but his family at all ends.

This didn’t make Hilary happy, not one least bit, however, this woman always has an ace up her sleeve. She is pregnant! Shocker right, I saw this coming a mile away, but rather she carries the baby full-term is another tale. More interesting would be to see exactly how this dynamic will change everything and if it will bring Hilary and Devon closer or cause them to drift further apart. Well, I think she is about to completely sever any ties with her former hubby because she decided to announce NOT only that she was pregnant, but Devon was the father of her child on live TV. Yes, Hilary never seems to disappoint and the fact that Neil, Simone, Lily, Mariah and the rest of the world learned it on national TV cannot bode well for Devon or Hilary to say the least.

With May sweeps kicking off in a few days, I wonder what the huge storyline of the month will be, I’m certain someone learns about J.T. and the ladies cover up the question is who? What would be more riveting is if it was revealed that J.T. is not dead and might be lurking to get a bit of vengeance from the ladies who buried him alive. Time will indeed tell!