BEVERLY HILLS—A mid-trial settlement was reached on Friday, August 6, in a lawsuit brought against the city of Beverly Hills by a mother and daughter who were injured in a collision involving a police cruiser. 

The collision occurred on August 29, 2017, when on-duty Officer Alfredo Eudave’s police vehicle collided with the front of Farnaz Vojdani, 44, car. She indicated that the collision caused injuries to her neck, head, and back. The accident occurred at Rexford Drive and Burton Way.

Vojdani’s mother, Soror Azizgolshani, age 72 at the time, was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after complaints of pain in her neck, left shoulder, and right knee. 

Since the accident, Azizgolshani suffered brain hemorrhaging and worsening dementia, according to the victim’s lawyers. Vojdani’s testimony noted that the “incident was like an ‘atomic bomb’ in her life.” 

The city of Beverly Hills took liability for the accident in June 2018, and a trial was held to determine damages. The specifics of the settlement have not been released to the public.