WEST HOLLYWOOD­—Seven people were injured, after a stolen Model S Telsa hit a power pole on July 4. The Tesla vehicle split in half during the crash that occurred near the 1200 block of La Brea Avenue.


Speeds reached up to 100 mph, with multiple vehicles sustaining damage during the crash. La Brea Avenue was closed for hours as authorities completed their investigation.


The car crashed into two walls of a synagogue in West Hollywood. The vehicle was stolen from a Tesla store by the driver. Six people were hospitalized during the incident. The driver of the Tesla was listed in critical condition.


After the incident, Simon Sproule told Bloomberg: “We’ve asked to take a look at the vehicle as soon as that’s possible.  There aren’t so many S’s involved in major crashes, and certainly not quite like this one, so we absolutely want to have a look to understand what happened.”


According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla shares went down 2.9 percent to $222.66 after the crash. This marks the second time of Tesla burns after a high speed crash. The first incident was in Mexico.


Four days before the crash, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla tweeted an article published by the USA Today called “Tesla Model S Named Top Model in Perceived Quality.”