GRIFFITH PARK—The Los Angeles City Council approved $4 million in funds to implement a performance stage for The Independent Shakespeare Co. through Proposition K. The news was announced in a press release on Tuesday, September 24.

Construction for the outdoor stage will measure 50 feet in length and width including wheelchair accessibility compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act. The project is  scheduled for completion in 2020.

The theater company has been showcasing annual classic outdoor plays since 2010. Outdoor plays are shown during festival season and from June through Labor Day weekend.

“I think it will make our productions look even more spectacular! The new stage has an 18’ foot high overhead structure for lighting and anchoring sets. I look forward to no longer sitting on a permanent slope backstage sliding off my chair while doing my make-up. There will be a substantial level backstage area,” explained Managing Director, David Melville in an interview with Canyon News via email.

“I look forward to people in wheelchairs being able to make it up to the site without the need of shuttle service one said quarter of the project is ADA compliance, with a series of pontoon bridges that will make the hill up to the Old Zoo,” Melville told Canyon News.

An array of festivals and other performing arts organizations also host events at the location during the summer including Invertigo Dance Theatre, Silver Lake Chorus, concerts, graduation ceremonies, yoga classes, and other activities at the park.

The theater company faced challenges during the approval process for the permanent stage, after a lawsuit was filed against the city arguing insufficient environmental impact protocol. The city won the lawsuit, after of years of court litigation and investigations.