HOLLYWOOD—What in the world is going on at “The Bold and the Beautiful?” If you want to talk about some delicious narrative look no further than the twist of Bill Spencer aligning with Sheila Carter. Yes, you heard me correctly people Bill is romantically linked to Sheila and it does not seem to be a plow. I mean when Sheila arrived at Steffy and Finn’s beach house unexpected, I expected her to plead for forgiveness, but never did I expect Bill to show his face and plan to threaten blackmail if Sheila headed to jail.

Steffy was erratic and in disbelief, so was Finn who could not understand why Bill was willing to work with Sheila after helping bust her the first time around when she held Finn captive and nearly killed Li in the process. However, Sheila has somehow wooed Bill to be her protector and a secret from the past resurfaced: who shot Bill Spencer during that time where he was one of the best villains in the soap arena. The suspect listed was heavy, but in the end it was Taylor Hayes who shot Bill thinking he took advantage of her daughter.

When Steffy learned that Sheila knew what Taylor did to Bill her worst fears came to light. Sheila has leverage over her and that is not a good thing at all people. As a result, Steffy pleaded with Bill not to allow Sheila to get away with her crimes, as Bill said she understood him and deserved a second chance. Ok, in what world. This woman has killed people, attempted to kill people, and you think it’s ok to align with her because your ego was bruised by Brooke, Katie and Justin, all people you betrayed. Ok, Bill, you’re a man that burnt plenty of bridges and you’re now being forced to face the music.

I cannot understand Bill’s angle because he later called the police on Sheila to turn her in with some sort of master plan to help her gain her freedom. In what world, attempted murder on not 1, not 2, but at least 3 people. Not to mention a host of other crimes. In addition, Deacon should be careful because his role in helping her escape the authorities might be exposed as well and all will go spiraling in regards to his relationship with Hope and Brooke.

Wyatt is back in the foray and the character hasn’t had a storyline in at least 2 years it seems. His concern is Bill, as he and Liam are aware Sheila was at Bill’s house and their dad avoided answering the question. However, Katie who is always able to pierce Bill’s heart considered him a hero for turning Sheila in. Could this be Bill’s plan to get Katie back because it’s bold, but it could potentially work, but her relationship with Carter is really heating up and I’m just glad to see some power players in Don Diamont and Heather Tom getting storylines after being ignored for months on the soap for the Brooke, Taylor and Ridge storyline.

With that said, Ridge and the rest of the power players dropped the bomb on Thomas Forrester who was fired from Forrester Creations. He seemed taken aback with that news and showed a bit of remorse, but it was too late, the hammer has been dropped, but it raises the question of rather Thomas will fully embrace his dark side or will he make an effort to truly change? Thomas as a villain I could embrace fully because it feels like there is so much story to tell there.

I mean a Thomas and Sheila in an alliance with Bill on the side that could be a dangerous trio that could cause all sorts of havoc in Los Angeles for some of our favorite players. With Sheila behind bars, I’m trying to wrap my brain behind this masterplan Bill has cooked up to get her off. I mean attempted murder with evidence to prove it is not something you can just wiggle out. I hope the writers have a convincing tale for the fans.